Can they hack it?

According to a comprehensive study of attorneys in CA and DC, last year 1/4 of female attorneys considered leaving the profession for mental health concerns.

They were also found to have double the anxiety of men, and more than half engaged in “risky drinking (14 drinks a week),” while 1/3 engaged in “hazardous drinking (21 drinks a week).”

The study then stated other bigoted, sexist false-facts, such as that the CDC says men and women have biological differences in how they absorb alcohol.

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6 thoughts on “Can they hack it?

  1. Irony: Three drinks a day isnt exactly alcoholism. 21 is 3 drinks x seven days a week. Even weekday drinking it isnt that much.

    During Navy days, we could drink that much within two days.

    But yes, the legal folks deal with stress in a bad way.


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