Audit to nowhere

The Arizona audit is a sham. What gives it away? How long it’s taking to perform the audit for one. Florida was able re-tabulate and even hand count multiple counties within days back in 2000. Within weeks the entire election had been litigated and resolved. Meanwhile in Arizona, a private company has been contracted for … Continue reading Audit to nowhere

While the nation burns, R’s work to save the flags

One would think that the Republican Party would put in effort to curb the leftist advance by advocating pro-state policies, offering amendments to the US Constitution, or hell- even seceding. Instead, they are virtue signaling around W era policies. Case in point, a bunch of fake republican boomers from a fake Republican state (walmartistan) introduced … Continue reading While the nation burns, R’s work to save the flags


I have seen many people adopt the “live and let live” mindset when it comes to drugs and most often- the rainbow question. I do not believe they are sincere in their new beliefs. I believe it’s a position people adopt as soon as they lose. It’s an offer of compromise: fine, you won (or … Continue reading Cowardice.

The Based Circuit

An actual Karen (her real name) filed a class action suit in Missouri against a ton of retail stores over the “pink tax.” She claimed that the discrepancy in deodorant prices violated the state law regulating unfair merchandising practices. After being dismissed from District Court, she appealed to the 8th Circuit. The court stated gender … Continue reading The Based Circuit

Can they hack it?

According to a comprehensive study of attorneys in CA and DC, last year 1/4 of female attorneys considered leaving the profession for mental health concerns. They were also found to have double the anxiety of men, and more than half engaged in “risky drinking (14 drinks a week),” while 1/3 engaged in “hazardous drinking (21 … Continue reading Can they hack it?