Student Loans- Republican’s Foolish Gamble

If you happened to follow my twitter (now banned- find me on parler), you may have seen my posts on student loan forgiveness. Conservative Inc., and the geriatrics in the Republican party thing its an awful idea. Even though they have no idea what the student loan system is like, they oppose all reforms, and … Continue reading Student Loans- Republican’s Foolish Gamble

SBC’s False Choice

Every SBC convention brings about liberal drift. In 2017, they condemned the 50 person "alt right." The next year, they joined the me too bandwagon. Last year, the Southern Baptist Convention yet again presented a politically charged, and well loaded, resolution on critical race theory (resolution 9). No matter how the resolution is voted on, … Continue reading SBC’s False Choice

Defying Leftism- Why Rs Win

As we head into an uncertain movement, the only certainty is Covid and violent protests and racially motivated attacks (yes, antifa-blm is now attacking regular people). This is affecting the midwestern swing states, as well as even bastions of progressivism. Democrats completely failed to address this demographic at their convention. They haven't done so in … Continue reading Defying Leftism- Why Rs Win