Recommended Reading

The following books are those I highly recommend. Some of them are fairly old, but still worth reading, as predictions came true, and solutions went unheard. If you have books that analyze society, and are written before the 1990’s, comment below.

It is highly unlikely that books I review/outline on this blog will end up on this list.


Who Are We, Samuel Huntington

Death of the West, Pat Buchanan

Day of Reckoning, Pat Buchanan

Surrender, Bruce Bawer

Shattered Consensus, James Piereson

We Wont Get Fooled Again, Gregg Jackson & Steve Deace. The institutional right wing foundations blacklisted these authors for writing this. Gregg Jackson was on the speaking circuit beforehand, and lauded for his work: Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies.

Protest Warrior: While not a book, and although it hasn’t been updated in years, this site is a great resource for studying the Left, and their protest tactics – going back to 2002/2003. Some things never change.

The Courts

Terms of Engagement, Clark M. Neily III

Originalism: A Quarter-Century of Debate, Steven Calabresi

The Conscience of the Constitution, Timothy Sandefur

Other (for those interested in History)

On Killing, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

On Combat, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

One Million Steps, Bing West

The Wrong War: Grit, Strategy, and the Way out of Afghanistan, Bing West

The Strongest Tribe, Bing West

The Echo of Battle, Brian Linn