Lincoln Project 2.0

Today marks the unveiling of an establishment organization that is meant to take back the Republican Party from sane Americans and trump supporters. They call themselves the call for American renewal, and are run by Lincoln project alum (they had to give up on that when it was revealed they were run by pedos), W-era … Continue reading Lincoln Project 2.0

Liz is “out”

Liz isn’t out as a lez, but the lizard -like ogre is out of house republican leadership. Apparently moving to unseat her from the house wasn’t a move republicans were willing to make. Rs weren’t even willing to vote on the record, and opted for the voice vote cop out. Liz has a bigger dick … Continue reading Liz is “out”


What happens when statists go up against the lazy and effeminate? WW2 France. Also, the current democrat party v republicans. While both are statists, the Rs are the effeminate French in this crappy analogy. If the analogy is bad, then imagine Biden as palpatine and all republicans as a bunch of jar jars. During the … Continue reading Blitzkrieg

Claremont Institute’s “American way of life” campaign: a future failure.

In response to the collapse of the conservative movement, the Claremont institute held a series of strategy meetings, where the clueless decided that America and the conservative movement needs another DC- based non profit, staffed with people who have only worked at other non profits. The genius (idiocy) of their plan is that they will … Continue reading Claremont Institute’s “American way of life” campaign: a future failure.

They want blood

The left is out for blood. Many are calling for literal bloodshed in the form of large scale executions of all trumpers for “sedition and treason.” There are multiple calls for impeachment, draft legislation, and resolutions that seek Vice President pence’s initiation of the 25th amendment. Other members of congress are trying to expel various … Continue reading They want blood