Impeachment witnesses

If you hadn’t guessed it, the hearings are full of narcissists who think they have the most important job in the US government. Local barbers and salons ran out of hair gel, brooks brothers is out of stock, and local lawyers are loving the influx of clients. Here is a quick run down of some … Continue reading Impeachment witnesses

ACU & YAF Founded by Child Sodomizer

We all know that Milo was thrown out of Conservative, Inc. for his comments on being raped by a priest as a kid. What’s interesting is that he was thrown out of an organization that was founded by a Roman Catholic lover of boys. (He was thrown out of YAF because he brought negative heat … Continue reading ACU & YAF Founded by Child Sodomizer

YAF’s Fires Malkin, Claiming She is a Racist (lol)

The Young America's Foundation was once a pro-Reagan forum for traditional conservatives. While they have always been hawkish and absolutely neocon, YAF is now a pro-open borders institution, and seemingly an anti-American one as well. Imagine my surprise when they came out and said Michelle Malkin, a Filipino woman, is a white supremacist. Yes, white … Continue reading YAF’s Fires Malkin, Claiming She is a Racist (lol)

What do ambassador’s do? (Impeachment Hearings)

On Wednesday’s (bs) impeachment inquiry, I learned something interesting related to government bureaucracy. George Kent, a deputy assistant Secretary of State, and ambassador William Taylor testified that embassy staff and ambassadors have no role in informing the President of the United States before the president makes a phone call with a foreign head of state. … Continue reading What do ambassador’s do? (Impeachment Hearings)

Mapping Out “Conservative Inc.”

Red= individuals; Green=funding sources. Forgive the basic nature of this chart, I am trying to see if I can create a higher quality graphic with a more advanced program. This past year, the Conservative establishment has been exposed for undermining what would have traditionally been associated with the conservative/right-wing agenda. In the future, I will … Continue reading Mapping Out “Conservative Inc.”

Training Pastors

Topic: seminary grads are mostly unqualified to do anything. Solution: sponsor qualified men to attend seminary. In the Bible, specifically the New Testament, there are specific roles/positions within the church that are described. The modern church has abandoned the requirements for these leaders by appointing young, inexperienced seminary graduates to the pulpit, and relying on … Continue reading Training Pastors