Of Feasts and Famines

Depending upon where you are at in the legal field, and what your specialties are, you will be on a feast/famine cycle. Sometimes these cycles are regular, sometimes there are short term cycles within longer cycles. I am coming off of a feast cycle, which explains my recent lack of content. There have been periods … Continue reading Of Feasts and Famines


Trump’s Empty Threats

Three weeks ago, Donald Trump threatened to shut the border down entirely if Mexico didn't intervene with caravans. Not only that, but he threatened shutting the border down by the end of the first week. Nothing happened. Well, some things did happen. Mexican police have just started cracking down on some members of the caravan … Continue reading Trump’s Empty Threats

Bought A Home after 2014?

Readership: If you sold a house in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, DC, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, or North Carolina, after 2014, continue reading. And/or potential home buyers. ______________________________________________________________ A class action lawsuit filed in Illinois alleges that 20 of the largest real estate listing services cornered the market for brokerage fees … Continue reading Bought A Home after 2014?

Idols in the Church: Speakers and Ministries

In the Reformed Christian community, we have the following idols: seminaries, seminary staff, conferences, and conference speakers. Popular conferences are: T4G (Together for the Gospel); G3 Conference; Shepherd's Conference; Ligonier events; The Gospel Coalition. Popular Speakers are: John MacArthur; RC Sproul; Al Mohler; Mark Dever; John Piper; Tim Keller; Tim Challies; Matt Chandler; Ligon Duncan; Phil Johnson; … Continue reading Idols in the Church: Speakers and Ministries