I was wrong about Chauvin

If you read through my previous posts pertaining to the events of last summer, you will see that I was rather critical of a certain officer and various conservative commentators. (I’ll link to them later -post publishing) My arguments, as you will see in those previous posts, were deeply emotional. One could say I had … Continue reading I was wrong about Chauvin

The Injustice of our Courts

If you aren't an attorney, you may be surprised to learn what the cost of litigation is. Many people don't know about this until it's too late, such as after a car wreck, an injury, medical malpractice, etc. Most will probably end up taking the insurance settlement, as they can't find affordable legal representation. Most … Continue reading The Injustice of our Courts

HR 1

For the last few months there has been speculation as to why joe Biden has delayed the release of census information by 5-6 months. The answer is because of HR 1. If you haven’t heard of the nearly 1,000 page omnibus bill, you may want to read up on it. It’s a complete federal takeover … Continue reading HR 1