Pyrrhic victories part II

Remember when I said the Roe reversal would come back to haunt us? Turns out I was right. Pessimism does pay off. Not only was the red wave disrupted, but red states like Montana (referendum 131) and traditional states like Kentucky (amendment 2) refused to adopt pro-life measures. Kansas rejected one this summer. California (prop … Continue reading Pyrrhic victories part II

Big Beef is to Blame

TLDR: meat processing industry in the US is an oligopsony. That plus many other factors = high prices, high profits for big corps, and an income loss for actual growers. Republicans and those on the right need to work with willing democrats to bust trusts. I have a bullet point list of some beef industry … Continue reading Big Beef is to Blame

Summary of the Supreme Court’s “gun decision”

NY Rifle & Pistol Assoc. Inc. v. NY, 20-843 Holding: The Second Amendment guarantees to “all Americans” the right to bear commonly used arms in public subject to certain reasonable, well-defined restrictions.” *62 (citing Heller). The requirement that an applicant demonstrate a special need for self-defense violates the 14th Am. *2. Law abiding citizens with … Continue reading Summary of the Supreme Court’s “gun decision”

Quick Note: 2A win. NY s. Pistol & Rifle assn v Bruen

6-3 decision, Thomas authored majority opinion. While there are some nuances that will leave distinguishing factors for future cases (sigh), the opinion has strongly worded quotes. (Sorry no link right now). Ultimate Q in this case is over state“ proper cause” requirement for concealed handgun permit. Holding: violates 14A by preventing citizens with self defense … Continue reading Quick Note: 2A win. NY s. Pistol & Rifle assn v Bruen

Mayra Flores isn’t a trend. Texas isn’t swinging.

Republicans are obsessing over Mayra Flores being elected as a congressman for Texas’ 34th house district. Here’s the problem: she won a special election after the incumbent resigned. Only 26,000 people voted in that special election. There are 700,000+ people in her district. In the last general election, 89,000+ voted democrat while only 52,000 voted … Continue reading Mayra Flores isn’t a trend. Texas isn’t swinging.