NRA purges boards

I'll provide a link to this blog, which has several articles detailing the inside workings of Wayne LaPierre's purge within the NRA. Major donors are reacting against LaPierre. Some are threatening to ask for refunds of their donations. In the meantime, efforts are ramping up nationwide to bring the NRA under much needed legal scrutiny. … Continue reading NRA purges boards


Is AOC right?!

Rep. AOC recently suggested that the Department of Homeland Security be abolished. This has drawn the ire of many a boomers and Fox News hosts. Since it came out of AOC's mouth, we must instantly oppose her ideas at once, right? Apparently many on the right forgot how controversial the idea of DHS was in … Continue reading Is AOC right?!

I’m Alive

Last time I wrote, I was going to do a part two to John Bolton being a lunatic. Since then, the Trump administration has flirted with war against Iran. The invasion of our southern border has been a continual development. If it isn't an invasion, then Rome never fell. I hope to write on these … Continue reading I’m Alive

Dan Crenshaw Demands you believe the government.

Representative Dan Crenshaw is a good boy, who tows the line of the US government. When John Bolton hands him talking pointsc he will repeat them. He wants to shame people for questioning "US intelligence" on the Iran/shipping incident. Apparently the government is always honest and sincere. Someone should tell Dan Crenshaw his friends died … Continue reading Dan Crenshaw Demands you believe the government.

Does “the pill” affect what we understand to be hypergamy?

This short video features Dr. Angela Lanfranchi talking about the dangers of birth control. As a carcinogen, hormonal contraception increases a woman's chances of developing cancer, having embolisms, and even violence. She doesn't focus much of her time on the violence aspect, but mentions one very interesting fact. Women on birth control suffer a higher … Continue reading Does “the pill” affect what we understand to be hypergamy?