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Her Children are Better Off

Fox is reporting on a missing mother of four in Kentucky.

Less than a month after giving birth to twins, she was frequenting bars at night. She was at a bar with “two men” before she went missing.

Surveillance footage suggests she was very promiscuous and possibly a prostitute.

The sad reality is that she is an awful mother, if she can be called a mother, who made terrible life choices, and lived an awful lifestyle. Her children are possibly better off without a damaging parent than growing up in an environment where she doesn’t raise them.


The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel has approximately 9,000,000 members worldwide, and is listed on wikipedia’s list of the largest Christian denominations.

It was founded by Aimee Semple McPherson. Tim Challies has a biographical article of her here.

I have written about the qualifications for Elders and teachers before (see also here). Here is why Aimee McPherson was not qualified to be in ministry, and teach in any capacity:

  1. She was a female who preached and taught to the masses. See 1 Timothy and Titus.
  2. She was divorced, after abandoning her husband. (She was divorced multiple times to multiple men).
  3. Her “baptism” was an emotional and sensual experience, accompanied by speaking in nonsense non-languages. (tongues as translated in the scriptures are actual languages).
  4. Her “sermons” were performances to entertain the masses and tickle their ears.
  5. Her church was known for acts of kindness, not spreading the gospel.
  6. She was characterized as impulsive by those in her church.
  7. It is a question as to whether she was a drug addict (she died of an overdose).
  8. She  taught false doctrines.

Not only are the doctrines of the church false, but the practices of their church are contrary to the Bible. The ICFG has changed their statement of faith over the years to appear orthodox, but in practice, they are not. They believe the faithful are healed by prayer (whereas if you aren’t healed, you have no faith). They tolerate false teachers. They tolerate false, demonic “gifts.”

Liberal media outlets have been pushing an image across the internet, in an attempt to make it iconic. It is purportedly of racist, white kids (wearing MAGA hats of all items) oppressing the last forest elf in D.C., by . . . smirking at him (those evil bastards!). Of course the media is using this image to malign all pro lifers, as well as the students themselves. The left doesn’t care, however. Jack Morrissey, a Disney producer, made a picture of a woodchipper spraying blood, with a caption about “Maga kids go screaming, hats first, into the woodchipper.” (We need to call on Disney to dissociate with Morrissey for good). And of course, the story is the result of leftist imagination written down under the guise of journalism.

The truth is that kids are actually the victims. Furthermore, for anyone familiar with DC protests, especially the March for Life, you know that liberal counter protests are not grassroots based, and are often conducted by those seeking media attention. Hence a “native” in the District of Columbia, complete with a drum, who just . . . happened to be there?

What actually happened is reported in the Washington Examiner. A group of black supremacists (known as black Israelites, more on that later) decided to heckle and harass the students while they waited for their bus. That is where our forest friend comes in. He told the media he saw these kids harassing the black men (impossible- more on that later), so he stepped in to intervene (a lie he told to make himself the hero), when in reality, he (an old man) was bullying kids.

For anyone familiar with DC, you know the black Israelites. We see them outside of the Gallery Place/Chinatown stop all the time (Near the portrait gallery for tourists, and the Family Research Council for conservatives). Come rain or shine, they will be there, shoutin down that white devil. They believe the real Israelites are actually black, that they are the chosen race, that whites and the Jews claiming to be Jews are demonic satanists, etc. And they are not pushovers or people to be trifled with. So the entire idea of high school kids threatening them is insane.

In conclusion: The media lies on a regular basis, especially in the Trump era. They are constantly pushing an agenda. They are constantly trying to make the political right (or centrists who dont agree with them) seem racist.

On Persecution

Many Christian commenters in the United States tend to believe that persecution of believers isn’t taking place in the West. This belief is wrong.

Most believe that to be persecuted, you must be at risk of bodily injury and imminent death. That is an incredibly convenient belief, coming from a culture where everything is relative, and life itself is an idol.

What about day in and day out humiliation, where they don’t kill you, but also don’t let you be at peace? Is that not multiple times worse than instantly losing your life?

By most measures I would say the latter is worse than the former. Unless being able to live is your biggest priority in faith.

Persecution of believers may not take place in many parts of the US, but it absolutely takes place in the larger cities and liberal states, such as California, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, and New York.

Do you think the populace in those locations are not hostile to Christians? Do you think their city and state governments don’t work against churches? California alone proves persecution exists in the US. Judges can’t be participate in the Boy Scouts in California, prayer groups in Southern California cities are prohibited by zoning ordinances. Do a basic internet search for more absurd instances of anti Christian policies.

Two artists in Phoenix are facing jail time for not creating art for gay weddings. Jack Phillips in Colorado is another. While not as prominent as the two previous cases, there are numerous other examples of business owners being pressured by gay activists across the country.

You may not see it, but most churchians don’t know their neighbor, and wear blinders that makes it impossible for them to see reality for what it is. They do not see the trends of the world: placing more restrictions on Christian institutions (or trying to); attacking the Bible; attacking government officials (and their spouses) who are Christian; and attacking businesses ran by Christians.

Imagine a Christian in the military, working for a public office, or any other public institution that makes it illegal to apply Christian principles in their work life. Are they not persecuted? If you lose your entire source of income, your career, and ability to provide, are you not suffering?

Persecution is here, and is here to stay, and grow.

On Abortion

While online several months ago, I found this comment in response to a post on abortion- a man’s child was being aborted and he had no power to stop it.

The comment, made by the wife of a pastor:

If I were a young man of any wisdom at all in this culture, I would never touch a woman. Never. …Not until God moved a mountain, and there were witnesses to confirm it.”

This comment is completely warranted in a generation where women are allowed to murder their own children, and then laugh about it at marches, rallies, and at speeches before the National Press Club. Even more sickening is the fact that women aren’t outraged that abortion exists.

Abortion is one of the most evil, despicable, and lowly acts a human can do. Yet even Christians treat it as something that can just be handled with a little bit of compassion, repentance, and hand holding, and wallah, all is fine. The Christian community turns a 180 when it’s a murder committed by males, or the victim is anyone else. We then demand law and Justice, with severe sentences and even death.

Yet abortion, an incredibly perverse, wicked, evil attack on humanity, God, and yourself, is for some reason excused away, not counted as murder, and evangelicals are pressured into coddling those who have them. Abortion is murder. It requires premeditation, with research into clinics, etc.; it requires malicious intent and severe selfishness, and ends with the intentional death of your own flesh and blood.

There is something mentally wrong with a person who doesn’t say that those who have abortions should be imprisoned for murder, and suffer severe consequences.

Gillette Announces War On Men

Gillette, a razor company that markets to men, decided to become a participant in the feminist war on men. Their ad is a actually a video tutorial on logical fallacies. If you enjoy it, congratulations, you are a Blue Pilled whiteknight. Undead Chronic, my favorite feminist-basher, provides his commentary below. Feel free to down vote the ad online, it already has 10 times as many downvotes as upvotes. This may be the worst marketing strategy since New Coke, and I look forward to it blowing up in P&G’s face.


Challenging Narratives

I want to make light of NASA, without engaging in any conspiracy theory. Even touching this topic makes smart people go mad. I enjoy debating and learning. Most people, however, don’t actually engage in critical thinking on a regular basis. Challenging what they “know,” or what they have been taught is incredibly uncomfortable for them.

I do have to say, that a bs narrative doesn’t mean everything is a lie- it means the narrative is contradictory nonsense, and key details are left out. Sometimes it’s ignorance on behalf of the poor PR guy. Unfortunately, officials shoot themselves in the foot and often fan conspiracy due to their statements.

If you have worked in government or politics, as I have, you may know that the reality reflected in a newspaper differs from what actually happens. I see this regularly. Alternative news sources and gossip blogs tend to carry more factual truth than you realize.

Narratives are changed to conform to political agendas, to sell a person or product, or to change focus. This can be used for good or bad (a good reason is protecting a mistaken low level employee).

So the following narrative from NASA requires me to suspend my disbelief.

In 1969 we went to the moon and performed a live tv broadcast. But in 2019, only about 70% of calls from ISS in low earth orbit are successful, and there are “huge time delays.” Just off of a basic search of communication delays, the “delay” between earth and the moon is only 1.3 seconds. That’s not huge.

The ISS orbits at an altitude of 1,328,000 feet (about 250 miles). The moon is 238,000+ miles away.

To believe this narrative, I have to accept the following:

-telecommunications were better in 1969 than today

-our satellite network and receivers are of lower quality today

-it’s easier to maintain a signal on two spinning objects at great lengths than to maintain a signal at a short distance.

-that a vast satellite network doesn’t improve time delays.

Of course, I am not an engineer. There could be perfectly valid explanations for this discrepancy (an off the cuff remark is more believable and most likely more true than a sanitized statement). one such explanation

It is not a problem if you ask questions, and challenge the answers. You learn from it. You grow as a person, and can learn many new facts. It’s a problem when you just accept contradictory information and live in a state of cognitive dissonance.

So be curious. If you see something that is odd, research it. Learn.

PS: the first official estimate of the Apollo program costs with a ten year operating budget was just as much as the projected cost for Trumps border wall.

Problem: Decline of Marriage

Consider this a working-thesis, open to critique and suggestions.

I believe the decline of marriage in the west is an important issue to start discussing, as it will become (or should become) a prominent societal issue in the near future. By that I mean that cultural elites, and even leftist groups, will have to discuss the issue.

As pretty much everyone knows, the marriage rate for new marriages is declining. Not only are fewer marrying, but those who are marrying do so later in life. I won’t go into detail here, but from the studies I have seen, over the last generation, the average age of first marriage has increased by at least 5-7 years.

The increase in the age of first marriage is more dramatic in major metropolitan areas. In my experience, and completely anecdotal, I know of fewer than five guys from college who married before reaching 29/30 mark. However, in other states I have lived in, it is common to marry well before the age of 25.

Why Is Marriage Declining?

I cannot pretend to have all of the answers, but I can speculate, especially as to the male perspective. Men are the gatekeepers of marriage, after all.

Men, while absolutely being capable of irrational decision making, tend to be analytical and naturally look at choices through the lens of cost-benefit analysis. The benefit to them must outweigh the costs (or risks).

First, let’s start off with some very basic benefits of marriage:

  • 12,600 standard deduction from the IRS, and other benefits from the state re taxes (as opposed to a 9,300 head of household benefit)
  • procreation (leaving a legacy and affecting the future)
  • stability of relationship (relative stability, minimizing chaos and costs)
  • parental visitation rights in case of divorce or separation

The two biggest primary benefits I see are rights created in case of divorce (or death), and tax benefits.

The costs, however, are:

  • increase of costs for insurance, medical, etc. (unless both work)
  • emotional impact of divorce (you can’t quantify it, but it’s massive)
  • limitation of sexual partners.
  • Financial impact of divorce: alimony, debt, child support, etc.

IMHO, Marriage is declining because a generation or two of people have applied a cost-benefit analysis in deciding to (not) marry, and determined the costs are too high. Relationships in general have been turned down because the perception of what the costs will be, which would explain the hook up culture.

I don’t believe that the desire to marry is lost, though. Quite frankly, I have the feeling that many MGTOW men desire marriage, but find it to be too risky. It’s not the institution of marriage that they reject, but how state institutions have treated marriage. Even many hound-dogged men I know have settled down or desire to … at some point.

From everything I have read, witnessed, and viewed, the millennial generation and gen z also have an absolute fear of relationships, fear of rejection, fear of losing financial assets, and fear of repeating history. These are the generations that were raised in “divorce culture,” and are the victims of divorced households. Their personal experience leaves them jaded, and affects their cost-benefit analysis.

If I am somewhat correct, our materialistic, consumer-driven culture prioritizes things and assets (objects) to the extent that Hipster Dave fears the loss of his one speed bike to the loss of Carla the do-gooder.

I believe a significant cause of the lack of marriages is the reality and/or perception that the social framework for divorce is flawed and unjust. People enter into relationships “knowing” they won’t last. With marriage, that failure is costly.

Despite the fear so many have, I strongly believe people, at least some, will still willingly enter into relationships that won’t pan out. I could be completely wrong on that though- the hookup culture provides a way to have emotionless sex.

Avoiding Problems

Perhaps we can alleviate fears by instituting reforms.

  • Prenups are great if they are done correctly and the state/s you marry in and live in treat them with respect.
  • Forming contracts and trusts outside of formal marriage licenses.
  • Instituting laws that repeal no-fault divorce, or allow for a “covenant” system, where specific reasons must be listed, and fault being penalized.

I’m happy to hear of any critiques and suggestions as to formal solutions.

Ties are phallic symbols

Recently, I watched this interview with Col. Dave Grossman. If you carry arms, are in the profession of arms, he is someone you need to familiarize yourself with. He made a comment about ties being phallic symbols. Here is the interview. It’s interesting, because ties are symbolic in nature. (If you want a quick tip on Middle East politics, pay attention to which leaders wear them).

I’ve spent some time thinking about this, in addition to my 13 years of experience wearing, or refusing to wear, neckties.

Men who care about fashion, and who are always obsessed with their appearance are very insecure people. If you want to wear ties, or like wearing them in general, that is ok. If you base your judgments on others based on a tie, and get angry when others do not wear them, then we have a problem.

In the professional world, there is a lot of vanity and arrogance centered around use of dress clothes, but in particular, the ultimate vanity is centered around the necktie. Some vain people really really care if you wear one or not, to the point of being offended if you don’t. The reason this is stupid is because the tie is effeminate, constraining, uncomfortable, and serves no utilitarian purpose. It is pure vanity.

Not wearing a tie has nothing to do with lack of respect or disregard for social convention. It has to do with the threat placed on the tie-lover. People who don’t feel the urge to wear a useless piece of silk on their neck threaten the manhood of a tie fanatic. People who ditch the tie say to them that they aren’t defined by arbitrary standards, aren’t affected by them, and have genuine, substantive things that motive and concern them. Such as competence and skill. These are the confident people.

Tie fanatics wear a phallic symbol around their neck as if it proves the existence of the real thing beneath their pants. Their identity is torn apart when they see a person can be a man without a tie, exposing them as the fraud they are: a soulless shell that finds their identity in conformity.

I have seen several posts online- on WordPress, and social media sites, by Christians challenging men to use their real identities online. If they don’t, they aren’t manly, of course.

This position is not only ignorant, but foolish and dangerous. It makes me wonder if advocates of identity unmasking are controlled opposition, and working for the enemy.

Why do you want to know the personal identities of people you don’t know in person? Are you trying to doxx them? Are you trying to ruin their careers or livelihood?

The reality is that these people are trying to silence critical thought, and to keep you in line. Them knowing you gives them an advantage, especially when they are supported by institutions, and/or have a following. You are just one person.

We live in an age where saying “I believe gender hormonal treatments for kids is abuse,” or “marriage is between one man and one woman” will get you fired from most businesses in most cities, and from government agencies.

These statements, made after hours and having nothing to do with your work, can ruin your career. So do you martyr yourself on every hill, silence yourself, or find an alternative?

Groups of leftists and cowards grovel for individuals to slip up, and pounce on them. That individual will not receive any support from friends in trying times. Any public affiliation with the subject will make the mob’s eye of Sauron focus on them.

When do neighbors rally against protestors who harass a neighbor? I’ve never seen it.

Requesting another person’s personal information online, when not consensual, feels like the situation Lot’s guests faced, when the city surrounded Lot’s home, desiring to “know” who the visitors were. It creeps me out.