Other Possible RBG Replacements

My last post went into why Barbara Lagoa is the safe pick, and smart pick, for Republicans. Many are pushing against her and other female candidates, since its pandering, and caters to the left's narrative. The same has been made against other minority nominees. I agree: pandering based on race/gender accepts the left's narrative, and … Continue reading Other Possible RBG Replacements

RBGs replacement: Barbara Lagoa

I suppose this is where most bloggers and pundits would say nice things, but I don’t feel a need to say nice things about evil people who are responsible for the legality of mass murder in the form of abortion. Good riddance, and it took too long. Senator McConnell has already said there will be … Continue reading RBGs replacement: Barbara Lagoa

Advice for November: leave the cities.

Regardless of election results, there will be massive protests following the election, until shortly after inauguration. The unrest will be similar to ANTIFA/occupy, and occur not only in the same cities, but even more. They will be larger in scale than now, 2016, or post 2000/2004 elections. More Portland’s, Kenosha’s, and Minneapolis’s. On that note, … Continue reading Advice for November: leave the cities.