Red Flag Laws: Some Info

(A repost from 2019, as republicans traitors now made these same bills relevant again) 17 States have enacted "Red Flag Laws." Most Red Flag laws share the same framework. However, the variances in the laws from State to State are pretty concerning. Some States provide attorneys for Respondents of Extreme Risk Protection Orders ("ERPO's"). While … Continue reading Red Flag Laws: Some Info

Competing Revolts

(Repost from last July that I took down many months ago) As many may have noticed, I have not been covering current events. It seems that every time I have sat down to write on an issue, by the time I have an article drafted, the topic is old news. Too much is happening every … Continue reading Competing Revolts

More frauds on the Political Right

(Revised) Jack Murphy is all the rage among MAGA world grifters right now. People parade him around podcasts and events as the paragon of masculinity and all things red-pilled. The crowd pushing Murphy on us are the MAGA Grifters: Tim Pool/Jack Prosobiec/Mypillow/q world/and many former trump staffers in need of money. Enter the National Conservatism … Continue reading More frauds on the Political Right