Update: Ravi zacharias

TLDR: Ravi’s own ministry admits he engaged in numerous inappropriate relationships, and established credibility of rape accusations. Ravi zacharias was a famous apologist known for his quasi intellectual presentations. He was allowed to address the Mormon church inside of their tabernacle. Of course, he didn’t proclaim the gospel during that presentation. One of the hallmarks … Continue reading Update: Ravi zacharias

Church advertising

Every Christmas and Easter many large churches put on massive productions that are mostly nonsense (they imitate secular activities). They then blast their communities advertisements of their services and circus. Many churches even advertise on tv and at the movie theaters! Despite all of the money they pour into advertising, I have not once seen … Continue reading Church advertising

Evangelical Theological Society doesn’t know their bible.

In GunnerQ’s most recent post, he writes about an evangelical statement against wacism. (Yes, racism is Bad, yes it is a sin, no it isn’t prevalent in modern America -except by people weaponizing it). The statement is by the Evangelical Theological society, which is a conglomeration of denominational ministries and seminary professors within the southern … Continue reading Evangelical Theological Society doesn’t know their bible.

Joy Shaming

There are many bible teachers who demand joy from people, even going so far as to deny the title “christian” or “brother” to those they deem to lack joy. Of course, it should be noted that the lack of joy one may have directly corresponds with questions or criticism of ministries. It should be obvious … Continue reading Joy Shaming