Article Review for August 2020

Rhetoric about a new Civil War is on the Rise. Both sides are increasing their rhetoric, and there are no voices in the room arguing for toning it down. Why Conservatives Should Back Police Reform. Stop getting bogged down in the minor nuances of individual cases (being a sperg), and look at the greater picture … Continue reading Article Review for August 2020

Week in Review 8/23/19 (late)

The NRA's lavish spending has been covered by Fox. I have covered the NRA's shenanigans on 8/26 and awhile back. Prominent NRA board members are resigning. Google is swatting former employees/dissenters/whistle blowers. Harry Reid is apparently a right-wing nutjob who thinks decriminalizing border crossings, as well as medicare for all, are bad ideas. Think about … Continue reading Week in Review 8/23/19 (late)