The Church Effeminate

Audience: Christians, red-pilled men, and anyone else. The protestant evangelical world's current news story of the week is over John Macarthur's response to a question about Beth Moore ("Go home"). Reformed Christians are actually surprised someone would openly say that women are not to preach. For this to be a controversy is a sign of … Continue reading The Church Effeminate

Remaining anonymous online

I have seen several posts online- on WordPress, and social media sites, by Christians challenging men to use their real identities online. If they don't, they aren't manly, of course. This position is not only ignorant, but foolish and dangerous. It makes me wonder if advocates of identity unmasking are controlled opposition, and working for … Continue reading Remaining anonymous online

Doxxing Dalrock, pt. 2: Warhorn’s Credibility at Stake

Warhorn Media is a reformed protestant ministry, and I am at liberty to call them out for their evil: bearing false witness. I call on the men at Warhorn to admit their sin, apologize, repent, and to fire Nathan Alberson. Your ministry is an embarrassment. I wrote a post earlier this month about how the … Continue reading Doxxing Dalrock, pt. 2: Warhorn’s Credibility at Stake