Student Loans- Republican’s Foolish Gamble

If you happened to follow my twitter (now banned- find me on parler), you may have seen my posts on student loan forgiveness. Conservative Inc., and the geriatrics in the Republican party thing its an awful idea. Even though they have no idea what the student loan system is like, they oppose all reforms, and … Continue reading Student Loans- Republican’s Foolish Gamble

“There Is No Recession!”

Trump insists we have a strong economy, hence no need for tax cuts. Economists are saying otherwise though. (I contend we never exited the 2008 recession. We are just in a phase of temporary respite. I am no economist. I have just lived in a world where things were going great, and now they haven't … Continue reading “There Is No Recession!”

Supreme Court approves internet sales taxes

Today the Court released its 24 page opinion in South Dakota v Wayfair, Inc., (6/21/18). While monumental in a way, I believe everyone saw it coming, and realized the nightmare produced by companies who don't pay sales taxes. Here is my short iPhone-typed synopsis. Issue: are online retailers required to pay state Sales tax despite … Continue reading Supreme Court approves internet sales taxes