Article Review for August 2020

So what we have taking shape here is a bit of a Thucydides Trap. Harvard professor Graham Allison has used the term to describe what happens when a status quo power is challenged by a revisionist power, which in a majority of cases as resulted in war. The term comes from historian Thucydides, in his writings about the rise of Athens, which threatened Sparta, and ultimately led to war between the two states. More recently, the Thucydides Trap is used to describe what’s happening now between the United States and China.

But I would also call attention to what happens when a revisionist power inside a country wants to take control, which is what’s happening in this country right now. I don’t have the data, and I can’t tell you statistically what percentage of the time that competition between internal factions  leads to a domestic conflict. But what I can tell you is that I’ve been tracking hundreds of conflict indicators since the presidential campaign of 2016, and it’s led me to believe that we are undoubtedly already in a low intensity conflict.

3 thoughts on “Article Review for August 2020

      1. …pick yourself off the ground?

        I do understand where you were getting at. It also does a disservice to law abiding citizens, just like when the pre-riot times when Mr/Mrs Jones see a Bearcat roll up to their neighbor’s house


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