Churchian Culture

If you are a Christian in the United States and Pay attention to Christian culture and doctrine, chances are you have come across the term "churchianity." It describes American church culture, especially Protestant/evangelical culture It mocks secular cultural influences on Christianity It mocks those who are influenced by the world It mocks those who are … Continue reading Churchian Culture

Doxxing Dalrock, pt. 2: Warhorn’s Credibility at Stake

Warhorn Media is a reformed protestant ministry, and I am at liberty to call them out for their evil: bearing false witness. I call on the men at Warhorn to admit their sin, apologize, repent, and to fire Nathan Alberson. Your ministry is an embarrassment. I wrote a post earlier this month about how the … Continue reading Doxxing Dalrock, pt. 2: Warhorn’s Credibility at Stake

Liberals govern like men?

In light of the Kavanaugh hearings, and every other politically controversial issue (everything these days): When it comes to politics, have you ever noticed that the left governs like the stereotypical male, while conservatives don't? The left pushes their agenda through, undeterred. Setbacks and compromise are permissible, as long as they keep momentum. While their … Continue reading Liberals govern like men?