Mapping Out “Conservative Inc.”

Red= individuals; Green=funding sources. Forgive the basic nature of this chart, I am trying to see if I can create a higher quality graphic with a more advanced program. This past year, the Conservative establishment has been exposed for undermining what would have traditionally been associated with the conservative/right-wing agenda. In the future, I will … Continue reading Mapping Out “Conservative Inc.”

David French: a Stalinist, sociopathic schizophrenic.

For anyone familiar with National Review, you understand that the rag does not advocate for freedom, less government, but instead looks to big government solutions. It should come as no surprise to learn that David French, a national review writer, is not pro freedom, pro liberty, or anything but pro big government, so long as … Continue reading David French: a Stalinist, sociopathic schizophrenic.

Rewriting the “Conservative” Sharon Statement

(Note, this has been updated since its first iteration). The Sharon Statement was written in 1960, and outlined several conservative principles to govern by. While it was instrumental in bringing together many "conservatives," it died out by the end of the Reagan administration. With "neoconservative" influence over public policy, especially in the realm of foreign … Continue reading Rewriting the “Conservative” Sharon Statement