Democrats advocate police violence

Despite crocodile tears from every left wing woman and official (there’s no Distinction) over Floyd and Chauvin, the reality is that Democrats love police violence. If they were opposed to excessive force, and pro-reform, they wouldn’t be pushing for Dave Chipman, a mass murderer, to be the director of the ATF.

Guilty, post 2

What was done to George Floyd by Officer Chauvin was inexcusable, morally. But the verdict is very questionable, because of the outside influences of people like Al Sharpton, and people like Maxine Waters. Their threats and intimidation, and hanging the sword of Damocles over the jury, and basically saying if you don’t convict on the … Continue reading Guilty, post 2

You can’t make it up (use of force)

Warning: “conservative” boomers who don’t understand limited government or rights will be offended, since they are dumb. Yet another wonderful story about wonderful cops in the wonderful hell hole that is Minnesota (southern Canada). 2 weeks ago, comedian Sam Hyde said on a livestream that if you ever find yourself being pulled over by a … Continue reading You can’t make it up (use of force)