Big “Calvinism,” or “Calvinism, Inc.”

TLDR: Reformed theology has been hijacked by a network of popular charlatans that don't actually teach anything comparable to traditional reformed theology. Personal note: I have read and listened to many of the people I will be criticizing below. I am very familiar with their ministries, positions, connections, etc. It is unfortunate that it took … Continue reading Big “Calvinism,” or “Calvinism, Inc.”

Shepcon 2019: Grace Community Silences Dissent!

Earlier this year I wrote about the Shepherds Conference, an annual event hosted by John Macarthur's Grace Community Church. This year highlighted the absolute hypocrisy of Macarthur's ministry, which half-heartedly calls out false teaching, while praising the very false teachers promoting that heresy. In respects to this year's conference, the heresy in question is the … Continue reading Shepcon 2019: Grace Community Silences Dissent!

Training Pastors

Topic: seminary grads are mostly unqualified to do anything. Solution: sponsor qualified men to attend seminary. In the Bible, specifically the New Testament, there are specific roles/positions within the church that are described. The modern church has abandoned the requirements for these leaders by appointing young, inexperienced seminary graduates to the pulpit, and relying on … Continue reading Training Pastors

Idols in the Church: Speakers and Ministries

In the Reformed Christian community, we have the following idols: seminaries, seminary staff, conferences, and conference speakers. Popular conferences are: T4G (Together for the Gospel); G3 Conference; Shepherd's Conference; Ligonier events; The Gospel Coalition. Popular Speakers are: John MacArthur; RC Sproul; Al Mohler; Mark Dever; John Piper; Tim Keller; Tim Challies; Matt Chandler; Ligon Duncan; Phil Johnson; … Continue reading Idols in the Church: Speakers and Ministries

2019 Shepherd’s Conference: Where are the Protective Shepherds?

I want to make this short, and not go too in depth, because I am sick of the men involved, and how they have used their positions in the church for earthly gain (money, power, and pride). This year's Shepherds Conference took place this week, at Grace Community Church, located on the outskirts of Los … Continue reading 2019 Shepherd’s Conference: Where are the Protective Shepherds?

Churchian Culture

If you are a Christian in the United States and Pay attention to Christian culture and doctrine, chances are you have come across the term "churchianity." It describes American church culture, especially Protestant/evangelical culture It mocks secular cultural influences on Christianity It mocks those who are influenced by the world It mocks those who are … Continue reading Churchian Culture