Just get battered and die

In the prosecutions closing rebuttal, blubberwhale blob stated that “sometimes you take a beating.”

Odd to hear a prosecutor telling people that sometimes they ought to just take a beating, get killed, or get raped.

Throughout the entire closing, back door binger kept on minimizing the riot. “It’s just a fire,” and “it’s just a trailer in the street.” To the state, an otherwise law abiding kid was literally hitler while those committing terrorist acts (falling under law never mentioned in the trial) were nice people.


Note to readers: most trials aren’t this disastrous. I have talked to attorneys across the spectrum, and even some in Wisconsin. Even those who don’t like Kyle admit the prosecutors should be fired and disciplined. I see the same commentary from legal panels on YouTube. It’s pretty much universal legal opinion that the state was sleazy and the defense was incompetent.

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