Of Course Elder Lost.

Larry Elder has conceded the recall election. With 68% of the vote in, 63% voted no. It’s impossible for a successful recall at this point.

Unfortunately, that means the people who shout about unprovable election fraud will get a second wind. They will absolutely grift this to the max for the next few months.

Every election cycle features Californians saying “This time, republicans will take back the state.” They have been saying that about the California legislature since the days of Pete Wilson, but post-Austrian guy, they have realized that even that is too delusional. So they settle on claiming they can win statewide seats and the state itself for the electoral college.

They are always wrong.

The only winners are democrats and a handful of pundits who create false hope and grift their audience. They show their audiences clips of a few people in SF or LA shouting against Newsom, and their dumb audience interprets it as half the state hates him.

Republicans think that everyone loves them and would vote for them but for election fraud. They are always victims. Yet somehow, they never adapt their strategies to combat said fraud. It’s all coping mechanisms. They just can’t admit that in many states they suck, and nationally, they also suck. People only elect them when democrats f up bad.

People need to wake up and realize that the NPCs that make up the bulk of the US will never wake up. The best you can do is move away from them and hope that states will secede or the country will just collapse.

4 thoughts on “Of Course Elder Lost.

  1. I don’t doubt for a second that election fraud in this recall election was a very real and major factor in its outcome (remember this story from last month? It was certainly not the only instance of this sort to have taken place). TPTB (i.e., the Globalists) have decided that it’s time to put an end to the charade of the proles getting to (pretend to) elect their leaders. The events of November 4, 2020 through January 6, 2021 should have made this abundantly clear to even the densest and most brainwashed among us.

    That said, the Repugnicans have one of the strongest Reverse Midas Touches of any entity in the universe and have turned political ineptitude into a science. While it would have been impossible for Elder (or another hapless GOP schlub) to win this one anyway, even if California’s election process was as pure as the driven snow, the GOP would have found some unique and almost impossible way to wring defeat from the jaws of assured victory.


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