North Carolina conservatives are panicking

It’s the opinion of the Carolina Journal that their court is nearing doom because democrats on the bench are trying to force republicans on the bench to recuse from a voting rights case.

If you are wondering where democrats got this idea, the answer is Roy Moore in Alabama. He was the Republican that other republicans abandoned. Now republicans there regret axing a guy because he was distasteful decades ago.

I personally find this hilarious because republicans shot themselves in the femoral artery. Not only did they tell democrats that they will buckle on figures who are controversial, but they confirmed that they wouldn’t fight to preserve a court’s integrity. I actually hope the left is successful in North Carolina- only to show republicans how stupid they are, and to wake them up so they realize they need to actually fight.

I have no idea if the democrats have a viable plan for success on this issue, but it’s hilarious that they are giving the rethuglicans a run for their money. The elephant party is not a viable organization to counter the democrats. It’s time people wake up and realize that.

Link below (I apologize for the format of these quick posts. WordPress has made it difficult to link to previous posts, and impossible to do so from mobile).

One state Supreme Court case could destroy the court for years to come

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