A joke of a military

As Afghanistan falls apart, many on the right are rushing to social media to indoctrinate their subscribers with the talking point that the US soldiers won the war, but the politicians lost it.

They are wrong. At no point in 20 years were commanders telling congress the truth. The military willingly lied to cover up their ineptitude and lack of progress.

Rather than actually fight a war of attrition, our forces decided to hide behind armored vehicles and bases protected by artillery and air support at all time – just like we did in Vietnam.

And just as in Vietnam, a group of poor, unsophisticated radicals outsmarted the most well equipped military on the face of the earth.

Politicians are to blame as well. For 20 years we fought aimlessly, not knowing what we were trying to do over there, and not having any standard for when we would leave. We merely copied the Iraq surge strategy of funding various groups to achieve a false peace. what a failure that strategy is. But our military is afraid of killing and getting their hands dirty. Our military is afraid of casualties. A military full of pussies like ours cannot win wars.

What’s insane is that those who wanted to leave Afghanistan are now clamoring about reinvading to get rid of the taliban, as if the past 20 years didn’t happen. They are an enemy that can’t die, they are on their home turf, and our values are an affront to theirs. There will be no peace, and their resolve is far greater than any American’s.

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5 thoughts on “A joke of a military

  1. The “leadership” of this sad-sack organization deserves the lion’s share of the blame. While it’s true that the criminal scumbag politicians put them in charge, real military leaders would never stoop so low as to be commanded by such lowlifes in the first place.

    Every single flag officer on active duty in the U.S. military today deserves to be purged, Stalin style a la 1936-1938, after being publicly humiliated first. Start with that PoS Milley and work down through the ranks through at least all of the Colonels/Captains.

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    1. All US Vets in all wars have died in vain. Why? They all died to either create or to protect Israel. This is the cause of all wars which Americans are told were fought to “spread democracy across the globe.”


  2. If not Israel directly, then at the very least for the interests of our Israeli-owned elite, interests that have nothing whatsoever to do with the national defense of the U.S.

    I really believe that all references to defending the Constitution of the United States should be removed from the Oaths of Enlistment/Commissioning. It’s a damnable fraud and an insult to our intelligence to even suggest that such a duty is any part of what the mercenary legionnaires do.

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