Our insane court system

The next time you consider saying “I’d rather be judged by 12 than be carried by 6,” or think that we have a wonderful system where you can address your grievances in court, think again.

A man in Hawaii was wrongfully imprisoned for over two years before the court finally admitted they had the wrong guy.

It started when cops arrested a man in 2017 for sleeping on a bench. The cops thought they arrested a completely different person – a man wanted for violating probation. The problem was that Mr. Wanted for Probation problems was actually incarcerated in Alaska at the time.

And he was younger that Mr Innocent. And the booking photos of both show they look nothing alike.

One would think that a basic search would have been conducted upon booking, and that fingerprints would have been taken and checked. Nope.

One would think that when Mr. innocent proclaimed to not be Mr probation problems, someone in the courtroom would have thought: maybe we should double check.

One would think that doctors at the state hospital would have a duty to confirm the person’s identity and history before treating them with anti-psychotics. Nope.

One would think that in order to prove a persons guilt, the state would have to affirmatively establish that persons identity. Nope.

And once his innocence was established, one would think there would be an actual court record… nope

This happened in America. Imagine being locked up for years because everyone refuses to double check your identity. Imagine the hell you would go through for those years.

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5 thoughts on “Our insane court system

  1. Don’t ask me about judges threatening jury members with contempt/jail time for not doing their bidding.

    They spit in the face of our last connection to the legal world that isn’t sanctioned/licensed by the legal guild.


  2. Stories like this, as they increase in frequency, are going to result in “impeachments and removals in lead” for a whole lotta judges and “lead retirements” for cops and DAs.


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