Audit to nowhere

The Arizona audit is a sham. What gives it away? How long it’s taking to perform the audit for one. Florida was able re-tabulate and even hand count multiple counties within days back in 2000. Within weeks the entire election had been litigated and resolved.

Meanwhile in Arizona, a private company has been contracted for a massive project for several months. In addition to the costs of labor and housing for their employees for this period of time, they have the added costs of security and venue rental. the cost is approaching $10,000,000.00

All to audit one county.

The hysteria behind the election is the right wing version of the covid grift. A bunch of people create an uproar over a “scandal” or “bad event.” A close knit social media circle then spreads the fear, while raking in massive amounts of money from their newly dedicated donor base.

Republican politicians love this, because they now have all eyes on them. They get media time with their right wing pundits, and use it to raise funds for their next campaign. Then, they use their influence to divert public funds to donors/influential companies/friends so they can profit off the drama as well.

At no point in time does anyone stop and think “are we harming society at large with this scheme”? They don’t care. They don’t care about government, they don’t care about society, and they don’t care about you.

Vote out incumbents. Do it Every election cycle.

One thought on “Audit to nowhere

  1. It’s well past obvious that elections are a scam and always have been. The mind boggles at the number of people who still treat the election process as some sort of sacred essential rite upon which “freedom and democracy” are dependent, even those it’s long been obvious even to comatose mental retards that neither one exists and that the process is a sham. It’s difficult to feel sorry for such people, or understand how anyone with such a simplistic Weltanschauung>/i> could be considered mentally mature enough to vote.

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