While the nation burns, R’s work to save the flags

One would think that the Republican Party would put in effort to curb the leftist advance by advocating pro-state policies, offering amendments to the US Constitution, or hell- even seceding. Instead, they are virtue signaling around W era policies.

Case in point, a bunch of fake republican boomers from a fake Republican state (walmartistan) introduced an amendment to ban flag burning. Yea, that will surely change things in this country.

What a stupid thing to do when the leftists have taken over the federal government. Our country is more tyrannical than England was in 1776. I support burning the flag. I support burning any effigy that represents the federal government or the 50 states. I hate what this country has become, and what it stands for (debt, endless war, mindless consumerism, degeneracy, mass murder) and realize it’s not worth preserving or fighting for.

It’s time to break the union. Stop worshiping the state. Be a patriot? and burn the flag

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