I have seen many people adopt the “live and let live” mindset when it comes to drugs and most often- the rainbow question.

I do not believe they are sincere in their new beliefs. I believe it’s a position people adopt as soon as they lose. It’s an offer of compromise: fine, you won (or I give up), just don’t shove it down my face. Call it bargaining.

It’s a cowards position. People aren’t willing to stand up and say what they really think. They would rather shut their mouths to avoid some inconvenience.

The result? That inconvenience becomes a tyrant who then argues all shall obey them and accept their depravity.

We let the tyrannical minority destroy our values overnight. Just over a decade ago most Californians rejected f@g marriage. Now we have normalized circus freaks.

The way to fight back is to tell people: “oh that lifestyle is disgusting, most people I know agree.”

Change the narrative for cowards. Coerce them to develop backbone.

2 thoughts on “Cowardice.

  1. Just over a decade ago most Californians rejected f@g marriage.

    “Faggot non-marriage” is the term we should use, precisely because it is offensive to those who would shove the practice down our throats.

    I’ve adopted the practice of not holding back on those occasions when anyone broaches such “controversial” subjects. My response to the indignation? “Hey, YOU brought it up. Why did you do so if you weren’t prepared for an honest answer to your question about my opinion?”

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