Women are getting angry and it’s hilarious

Women are mad that trans are defeating them in sports. Women are upset because for so long they thought they could have everything their way, even if it meant having two sets of rules (girls can play boys football, but not vice versa).

But now the left has ditched the need to appease feminists. The result is that women have to face the reality that they are not equal to men, even when those men cut their wankers and take hormonal therapies to become feminine.

I find it hilarious (even though it’s degenerate). The feminists are getting a taste of their own medicine. Stop white knighting for women. They voted for this. Let them suffer the consequences, even if it means real women no longer receiving any scholarships.

That’s what they deserve for destroying our society with their feminism in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Women are getting angry and it’s hilarious

  1. I hope that the PRT standards will mirror the men’s bottom soon. A handful of the women won’t have a problem but some will get Congress involved, (or like the failing firefighters did, get the courts involved)

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