A Decent Feddie Judge??!

US district judge Lynn Hughs (SD Texas; also the most reversed judge on the 5th Circuit) stated that federal attorneys were “blue suited thugs” “retarded” while making other “hostile remarks” that alluded to the DOJ being unethical (which it is). Of course, this offended retarded blue suited jack boot thugs, who retaliated by requesting judge hughes from the case.

The case concerned a criminal prosecution and terrorism charges. the defendant allegedly moved to the Middle East to join an organization created and funded by US intelligence agencies. He then used Facebook to message a friend and convince the friend to come along. So they planned their great adventure, but since the Defendants family didn’t want him to go overseas, they made up compelling reasons for him to stay. The friend went over and joined the US backed group that the US now fights.

The defendant is now being charged for actions that famous celebrities and current White House officials did during the Vietnam war (actions now illegal under the patriot act). The defendant was given a light sentence, an act of heresy in the eyes of prosecutors.

The 5th Circuit sua sponte reassigned the case to a different judge, as Lynn Hughs “seems immovable from his views of the sentence he imposed…”

Could judge Hughs be the best gift Reagan left for us?

US v Asher Khan, 20-20030 (5th Cir. 5/6/21)

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2 thoughts on “A Decent Feddie Judge??!

  1. One wonders when a Stalinst-type purge will begin of federal judges who “hold the wrong views” about the feddle gummint’s behavior in relation to the constraints placed upon it by “that g**-d****d yellow piece of paper” that the Establishment has all but declared dead letter.

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