Liz is “out”

Liz isn’t out as a lez, but the lizard -like ogre is out of house republican leadership. Apparently moving to unseat her from the house wasn’t a move republicans were willing to make. Rs weren’t even willing to vote on the record, and opted for the voice vote cop out. Liz has a bigger dick than them, and that’s not a comparison of their fathers.

This is but a small step in purging leftist warmongers from the ranks of the party. Her family still has a ton of influence, and many in the beltway agree with never ending wars that force American atheism down the throats of diverse cultures abroad. Maybe one day we can turn them over to The Hague so they can stand trial for war crimes.

But that’s a pipe dream. Democrats have no problem with hawks like Cheney. She’ll gladly fund the agencies the left staffs.

When the next war comes along, everyone will have forgotten about 2016-2020, and republicans will be supporting wars in the name of degeneracy.

2 thoughts on “Liz is “out”

  1. When the next war comes along

    … they’ll be no one to fight it. The GQT (Girls-Queers-Trannies) military will melt away when the first shot is fired, and there will be NO real warriors to replace them.

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    1. Hypothetically speaking, if I were playing Minecraft, and my community was attacked by a foreign force with the same colored flag as mine, I’d take their arms and $$$


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