What happens when statists go up against the lazy and effeminate? WW2 France. Also, the current democrat party v republicans. While both are statists, the Rs are the effeminate French in this crappy analogy. If the analogy is bad, then imagine Biden as palpatine and all republicans as a bunch of jar jars.

During the Obama administration, all political capital was directed toward healthcare reform. No other major piece of legislation was passed under Obama after that. If anything was passed, I have forgotten about it- a testament to how little it mattered.

HR 1 (overhaul of election law and redistricting), gun control, and court packing are just three of the most controversial items democrats are aiming to pass.

It appears the Biden administration (aka Obama’s third term) has learned from their mistakes in term 1 & 2. The lesson is advance on all fronts at once, and pass everything they can. At least that is what it looks like. (It’s not a democrat thing to wave a bunch of sticks to see which one republicans will agree to being whipped with. There’s no reason for them to negotiate from a position of absolute power).

They are also getting ready to pass 2 Trump items that Trump failed to do (stabbing his supporters in the back): withdrawing from Afghanistan and a massive revitalization of infrastructure.

What about the midterms, you may ask? Republicans will be defending senate seats in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (blue territory). Republicans have little to no chance at taking seats in Arizona, Colorado, or Georgia.

Presume nothing changes in the senate. What about the House? Blue states are losing a total of 9 seats. They will draw lines so Republican incumbents in rural areas lose their districts. Due to the seats going to states with large minority populations, presume seats will be drawn around urban areas and favor democrats. In other words, a net negative for republicans.

The prospect that democrats would lose both the house and the senate is highly unlikely. If they run through HR1, they can guarantee a Democrat advantage in the house. If republicans take back the House, they won’t have the senate. Even with a miracle, it won’t matter if they repeal HR1 in the future. The congressional lines would have been drawn.

A packed Supreme Court may cost democrats the presidency, but they will have the courts. With HR 1 they will have favorable house lines. A few blue senators in red states may lose their seats, but they would receive positions in the cabinet for the remainder of Harris’ presidency. (It wont may yet anyways- the culture is becoming more blue every year).

Pass a citizenship/amnesty bill and they will have a permanent majority.

I would bet against republicans making any real gains during the mid terms. At most they hold a 50/50 position in each house. I’d bet against a Republican winning in 2024 too.

As awful it would be, the democrats are in a position to checkmate republicans, and destroy the Republican Party outright. In a way it’s what the Republicans deserve for them screwing up every opportunity they ever had, and for being pu$$!es. It would be hilarious to watch for those of us with a dark sense of humor.

Maybe then the lame boomers on the right will realize the only thing that has ever mattered in politics is power backed by brute force. Perhaps states would secede (the only way out of this madness).

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