You can’t make it up (use of force)

Warning: “conservative” boomers who don’t understand limited government or rights will be offended, since they are dumb.

Yet another wonderful story about wonderful cops in the wonderful hell hole that is Minnesota (southern Canada).

2 weeks ago, comedian Sam Hyde said on a livestream that if you ever find yourself being pulled over by a female cop, pray you are wearing body armor. He said that the female officer would panic, and instead of reaching for her taser, would fire her service weapon.

Sometimes truth is said in jest. If you are pulled over by a female cop, best call 911 and ask for a second officer. Pretend you are gay so she doesn’t kill you. Source: the guy who Ann coulter and Fox always cites

2 weeks later, a white female officer (senior in the department) in Minnesota shot at an unarmed (half)black man who was attempting to flee. She was yelling “taser taser” while violating his rights. The man died of his wounds. He was a murder victim.

I say that he is a victim because I believe we have yet another unlawful use of force. Even if the shoot is ruled as good, that is because the shooting is not looked at through the lens of common sense, but legal interpretation that assumes god like powers and immunity for state actors.

There were three officers on scene. The officer (A) who had temporary custody of the victim was a tall black man. Officer B- a male officer, watches from the front passenger side of the vehicle. A and B are taller than the victim. After the victim moves and gets back in his vehicle, officer A starts to wrestle with the victim. The female officer (F) then comes up from the rear of the vehicle, around A, so that she is between A and the driver door. During this time she deliberately moves a piece of paper in her right hand to her left hand. She then draws her service weapon with her right hand. She has her weapon in her hand for 5-6 seconds before discharging it.

In effect, she takes up a ton of space that a larger man (A) could have used to gain leverage. Why? Because anything man can do women can do equally, or better, or whatever bs line feminists say these days.

Female officer approaches behind A
Officer A moves out of the way for officer “I am strong independent woman hear me rawr”
Officer A is now completely out of the way and not in contact with the victim. Female officer has her glock drawn. Nobody seems to notice
A managed to get one hand on the victim, but can’t do anything else because female is 1-in the way and 2- yelling “taser”

First of all, you can’t make this up. Second of all, placing the taser on your offhand doesn’t really do much when an officer is panicking. Third, it appears that female officers are twice as likely to kill unarmed suspects than dmale cops. (Note to readers- start saying that female cops are an example of institutional racism). Fourth, despite everything that has gone down over the past several years, cops have still not learned how not to be cowboys. Cops are solipsistic in that they live in a thin blue bubble where they don’t acknowledge the reality of most people hating them, and how awful their approaches are.

The icing on the cake is that the female officer “was a senior member of the force.”

The excuse

(Who wants to bet that Ben Shapiro will unironically side with the cops?)

The department is chalking this up as an accident. Don’t worry guys, she meant to use a taser, so please ignore the dead body. Like don’t protest man, it was just a small mistake. We should also believe them because it’s the government, they are good, they never lie, and my effeminate pastor said something about Romans 13 so I must obey them.

Please note, the town had the balls to have a black spokesman “cry” before the chief justified the shoot.

“Mistakes” like this should not be ignored nor tolerated. Also, it’s not a mistake. The department put an incompetent officer who couldn’t manage her emotions in a situation no woman has any business being in. The department is at fault for training female officers that they are equal to male officers and just as effective.

The officer is at fault for thinking she could actually help a large man fight another man by getting in her male partner’s way. She thought she was a man. She swallowed the lie of feminism. She failed in her job, and a person who should not be dead is dead because of it.

The community should protest. Communities around the country should rise up against those who wield authority improperly. Conservacuks don’t like protests because they still think that the government responds to the people, despite the massive amounts of evidence to the contrary. (Conservatives have cognitive dissonance between this argument and the idea that the deep state is out to get them. Many are also looking for an excuse to be racist).

The department is going to claim it was a hectic situation, and that the officer made a simple mistake in the heat of the moment. They will then argue that use of lethal force was necessary since the officer felt threatened.

Watch and wait as people argue that the legality of use of force will depend on whether the officer is a male or female.

So what crime did the victim commit? The initial justification is either air fresheners hanging from his mirror, or expired registration (supposed busted taillight reasons). The victims mother was on the phone with her son and the officers during the initial stages of the stop. She says he was pulled over because he had air fresheners on his mirrors.

What led to the victim’s arrest was some alleged gun crimes without a permit (and a failure to appear). Ie, a bs non-crime that law enforcement have no business enforcing in the first place.

We still don’t know several things about the stop that preceded the shooting. The department claims that he was pulled over for expired tags. I’d want to know if they were tailing him and looking for an excuse, or if the warrant being discovered after plates were run? How often do cops pull over people in a 70% white town for expired tags? Is there a record reflecting that a certain group of people are pulled over more often for this offense?

In other news

The battle of the statists is taking place in Windsor, VA, where local police conducted an illegal traffic stop against an active duty army officer. The officers drew their weapons and used pepper spray. It was all caught on film. The cop has been fired, the army officer is going to get a payday, and for the first time in history, big Army is supporting personnel who have been arrested. Hopefully the lieutenant does the same for his enlisted men down the road.

2 thoughts on “You can’t make it up (use of force)

  1. The narrative WILL be sustained. Thus blue-clad estrogen vessels will be not only kept on police forces, but will be given responsibilities and duties indistinguishable from male officers, no matter how many turds (pigspeak for “civilians”) suffer for it.

    Conservacuks don’t like protests because they still think that the government responds to the people, despite the massive amounts of evidence to the contrary. (Conservatives have cognitive dissonance between this argument and the idea that the deep state is out to get them.

    It should be logically impossible for any people to be so stupid in this day age, yet there they are. More disturbing still is how many of them are prominent pundits with massive followings and earning seven-figure salaries for sharing their intellectual excrement with millions of other credulous dolts.

    Cops, like military people, are in a profession that is in its terminal stage, a profession that anyone with any common sense or self-respect at all should be running the hell away from. Neither the police force nor the military any longer serves its original intended purpose, nor do those who join either one do so for reasons related to these organizations’ intended purposes. That leads inevitably to deteriorating standards, inferior staffing, abuse of power, rampant corruption, institutional failure, and complete loss of public respect. Once the latter happens, members of both institutions become the public’s enemy. That’s an ugly place to be in in the USA.

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