Yet another Psyop

A visual representation of my interaction with commies

Apparently there is an epidemic of anti- Asian hate in the United States. Of course, I personally didn’t know this until I was driving around earlier this week and noticed flags at half mast. Lo and behold, it turns out our streets are running in blood because all the gun owning whites hate all the Asians. When I got home my inbox was flooded with all these statements of apology towards the Asian community.

I was surprised since half of the right wing internet world worships anime. My community must be an exception though, as we have a ton of hibachi restaurants and Chinese buffets.

Actually, as it turns out all that happened was a mentally disturbed asshole with a sex addiction and affinity for sexy massage parlors decided to blame sex workers and attacked their place of work. It’s not like said parlors are known to be operated by other groups. Had whites been known to operate such shops, they would have been the victims.

Now we have “massive protests” on behalf of the victimized community- a “community” that has literally avoided demonstrations for decades in our country.

Remember rooftop Korea, the anti protest Korea?

But it was a few dead sex workers that sent them over the edge. Apparently they really care about their association with sex workers. That’s sort of an anomaly in human nature as no culture cares about their prostitutes, but in a sex positive world we can’t talk about that.

She remembers rooftop Korea

Of course this is a political psy-op that is taking advantage of the current political situation in the US, and tailoring it to another cause.

As I said before, it’s suspicious that 1 shooting of prostitutes was enough for a demographic to rise up and start protesting (by that I mean the BLM movement is on board and helping out), when that community has never done this before. (Maybe whites should claimed Virginia tech was a declaration of war???)

Who benefits? China.

China wants to become an economic super power that controls the world of finance. They have an edge on the United States with the trade deficit, the control they have over our companies manufacturing output, and their control over mineral production (which affects the pharmaceutical industry).

China has been softening up all of their threats lately. They provoked the comfort women nonsense to divide Korea and Japan. The comfort women scandal has allowed China to divide Korea from America too, as many Koreans are bought by the CCP. China has gone unchallenged in creating islands in the South China Sea, which expands their territorial waters. Then We had the pre Covid Hong Kong protests.

America had threatened China in several ways

  • Increased cooperation with Vietnam
  • Taiwan
  • Threats of pulling out manufacturing
  • Threats of retaliating for Covid

Covid is china’s number one weak spot right now. If the west chooses to seek sanctions against China, it would put them decades behind schedule. That’s why China is throwing money at Western European nations right now.

In America, they are selling the idea that there is an undercurrent of hate towards Asians in America. They want to use that to insulate China/CCP from criticism. China owns many American politicians, and have heavily invested in the west coast and southeast.

Despite that, they understand that Americans are pissed about Covid and want a scapegoat. So when Americans start demanding reparations from China, the commies all around the world will say it’s terroristic and threatening. They will associate it with “the extreme right wing.”

They are laying down the foundation for that right now. It will probably work since the Democrat administration doesn’t seem to mind as their agendas don’t conflict when it comes to guns and silencing the right.

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