Gender and the military

So apparently Tucker Carlson said some truthful things while mocking Biden, and now every soldier in the military cared to comment on official social media channels, proving they are stupid and also less than super straight.

The marine corps posted this image in a post mocking Tucker. IRL application would require both to be wearing kit (vest, plates, first aid kit, helmet, water, etc.) under fire.

First off, we should ask why in the hell are any soldiers allowed to maintain a social media presence. Well, my answer would be common sense and lead to the strengthening of our military, which is a tyrannical force that will possibly used to oppress our own populace. Therefore, they should continue tweeting and their tik toking.

As per the merits of Tucker’s comments questioning maternity flight suits, trans procedures, etc., I’ll spare everyone from beating the dead horse that is all logic and statistical data that shows its all a bad idea. We have only been discussing this since 2002, which leads us to the most important point:

We have had 12 years of Republican presidential rule in the past 21 years. Twice during this time frame, the party held both houses of Congress. Despite this, not only did they fail to push back on DADT, but under Republican rule:

– women were allowed into more combat roles, including front line work during the surge in Iraq

– women were placed into special operation units in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and placed in an infantry role.

– relaxation of DADT to allowing service members to serve openly.

– integrating traditional all male Units with females

– allowing personnel to undergo hormonal treatments prior to sausage slashing surgery.

If the Republican Party was so great and is the answer to our problems, why didn’t they stop this? Why did they actually advance this?

Why did Trump do nothing? Why did he promote and nominate the very people who advocated this garbage up the ranks and into his administration?

Do you really think we can close Pandora’s box after this?

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