Watch Trumps endorsements – they suck

I won’t name names here, but I’ll try to point readers in the right direction. Trump is already making endorsements for 2022 for state and federal offices. Some of the people he is endorsing were vocal against him not only in 2016, but throughout his presidency.

Some are even close friends with people like W bush and John Kasich.

Why is this important? It shows that Trump is still surrounded by naive morons who can’t even conduct a proper vetting of politicos. It also shows that Trump isn’t interested in promoting people who would support the MAGA ideology.

Trump will endorse anyone who sucks up to him, regardless of what they believe or do. Expect nothing to come from the trump movement, or what they will do if they end up taking control of the party.

4 thoughts on “Watch Trumps endorsements – they suck

    1. Trumps endorsements show his lack of integrity and his massive ego. The danger with that his “movement” is as fickle as the tea party.

      Let’s be honest. Trump is pretty old and won’t be around for long.

      This trump movement won’t accomplish anything, especially when it allows anti-MAGA republicans in on their grift.

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