Claremont Institute’s “American way of life” campaign: a future failure.

In response to the collapse of the conservative movement, the Claremont institute held a series of strategy meetings, where the clueless decided that America and the conservative movement needs another DC- based non profit, staffed with people who have only worked at other non profits.

The genius (idiocy) of their plan is that they will take people who live in the beltway, and task them with fighting for a way of life they have never experienced. These beltway boys will definitely stand up for American culture (whatever the hell that is at this point).

Part of their mission statement reads:

Second, and most important, the Right needs to reclaim its mental and moral toughness, and that can come only from reviving its purpose — the preservation of the American way of life. The Right must be morally unflinching in refuting the Left’s ideologies. It must speak clearly and confidently about the effects of radical feminism, “antiracism,” and globalism. It must be prepared to protect its children, its property, and its standards from encroachments. And it must ground its efforts firmly in America’s central principle: equal protection under the law, without exception. This is the basis for forming a common good that the majority of Americans still desire. But achieving it will require that the Right reinvent its political party. Unless it does so, there will be no future political victories — and no country left to defend. Ultimately, this is much more than the cause of conservatism. It is the cause of America itself.

That sounds nice, until you realize that no one in DC believes any of this, and anyone who did would be barred from employment at any other institution.

Rather than going to the people, they think they will be successful by approaching members of Congress, who are already bought out by corporate interests that don’t give two $hits about America as a nation.

What we need is to completely purge all incumbents, and create a political culture where no incumbent is ever safe. This may require several cycles of voting everyone out.

Then we need campaigns that go directly to the people, and headquartered near them. No more DC institutions. Centralized movements do not work for the right. Sure they make tons of money, but the conservative movement doesn’t have a single accomplishment in over 40 years.

We need a loosely affiliated network in most states. These groups will agree to campaign against anyone who doesn’t support a short list of items. Then they will be free to make decisions based on local issues.

Having institutions based in multiple states, far from DC will keep people grounded in reality. It will also prevent a well funded minority from having disproportionate influence. (Most DC institutions would never be supported by the conservative base – they exist because of corporate donations).

Last of all, we need to demand that any non profit be dedicated to ending the nonprofit tax system. Why? If you want corporations out of our politics, don’t let them obtain deductions that allow them to push an agenda.

6 thoughts on “Claremont Institute’s “American way of life” campaign: a future failure.

  1. Red alert!!!Be on your guard!!EXCELENCE in non-liberal funded big-heart charity institute coming!A loosely affliated,WELL-FUNDED institution known as ”day-time nurses for the ole’republic” say only a more SAVAGE NATION can survive!short list of issues includes
    3.Guitar-heavy,MANLY OPERA CULTURE!
    LexP.S.I barely read posts right?Too rehash of MADMAX right?Would’nt you love to do a radio show about true LEGAL MANHOOD LEX?I woke up at 7:30am,Where the cute CHRIS CLAREMONT day time-nurses institute, were having a meeting!While saying standard collapse of america not cool!So I of course thought of sending LEXET,a evil rehash post-nuclear war english e-mail!P.S.If they would have heeded evil michael savages PAUL REVERE SOCEITY would the conservative movement had collapsed?Is this type of comment you would want more of lexet?Or more non-traditional!?Yeah the guy who said ”EXALT THE WORDS OF MOSES&JESUS” & loves MICHAEL SAVAGE&TEDDY the toy poodle is a big liberal!?Does that sound right?EXTRADEEPSTRENGTHP.S.Not see my similar within the post comment on his ”work too hard” latest post of bibicalMANOWARtmhood?I like where I rehash MEL GIBSON is evil but if I rehash POSTERS like my friend unknown to himself lexet, I would be good?Not know I am self-taugh attorney like PATRICK ”give me liberity or death”HENRY?But remember I uneducated about stuff or something with this much non-standard knowledge?You get most of this from the ”collapsed conservertive movement” or the liberals of babylon schools of today?

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    1. Lol I have no idea how to interpret this. It’s been years since I heard anyone mention the pail revere society though.

      The line of “conservatism” as preached by Buchanan and early 00 savage has fallen to the wayside, thanks to pc culture.

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  2. LEX,
    Thats what I’m talking about,who else is preaching this today!?Savage was’nt right that FOXNEWS was basicaly CNN from ten years earlier around 2010 or so when he was heavily saying it?P.S.Remember when SAVAGE would say he was the ”invisible man in the media”?He was right about this too was’nt he?EXTRA KNOWLEDGE DROP:How many know in the original book of FRANKENSTEIN,the monster taught himself & talked in SHAKESPEARIAN-Type language?How I know that?Public education or mostly self-taught like PATRICK HENRY&FRANKENSTEIN’S MONSTER!?SHARKLY was stunned by my knowledge too, LEX!

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  3. ****YAWWWWWWN****

    Another pathetic exercise in neocon gatekeeping. The minute I saw “Claremont Institute” I knew it was to be laughed at. Only an organization like that one is delusional and stupid enough to believe that anything that it has to say is taken seriously outside of its own spaces (virtual or physical).

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    1. They are tied into YAF/ACU/regnery/fedsoc.

      They think they are influencing populists because one of their writers wrote about trump being the flight 93 candidate. No one read that article except people in their own circle.

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    That was’nt realy my underlying point!?
    Ordinary (not big non-important institutes) americans know more than these experts!
    See LEXET that was whole point of original GBFMtm from 2010-2018? most of this is madness yet we’re told its going to get better is it?
    Remember MICHAEL SAVAGE saying its only gotten worser since he first came on radio localy in 1995 &nationaly in 2002 or ’03?
    These big important institutes that are going to lead us into a non-glorious future are not on meth(insider joke right?) LEX?


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