Update: Ravi zacharias

TLDR: Ravi’s own ministry admits he engaged in numerous inappropriate relationships, and established credibility of rape accusations.

Ravi zacharias was a famous apologist known for his quasi intellectual presentations. He was allowed to address the Mormon church inside of their tabernacle. Of course, he didn’t proclaim the gospel during that presentation. One of the hallmarks of evangelicalism incorporated is tolerance and pluralism when it comes to other famous people.

Ravi was also known for his plagiarism. Many of his anecdotes were stolen from other radio ministers, like Alastair Begg.

Towards the end of his life, he hired an openly gay bishop, who pushes gay/single parent adoption and normalization of the gay identity in Christian churches.

I discovered him through Bott radio network many years ago, and listened to him for several years until I noticed a pattern on the radio network, and with his presentations. His program would normally mirror topics discussed by Alistair Begg and Chuck Swindoll. I realized a lot of the jokes and personal anecdotes were incredibly similar to other broadcasters. At that point in time, I decided to drop radio sermons and programs altogether. The final straw for me with Ravi was his address to the Mormon church. Years later, I read about the numerous allegations of plagiarism, and his connection with Sam Allberry’s ministry.

Then came the major accusations against Ravi. The ministry first denied them, and then he died. After everyone on the internet did the customary “I’m so sorry this wonderful person I’ve never met died” schtick, the truth came out.

Ravi’s legacy will be that of an adulterer and rapist, as confirmed by his own ministry. Julie Roy’s, who has recently exposed John MacArthur and his Cur -Phil Johnson, has set her sights on Ravi and his ministry.

Ravi apparently raped message therapists at parlors he owned, and paid them off with ministry funds. (This is yet another reason why churches need to lose non profit status). He had the audacity to name the fund “touch of hope.” As outlined in the 13 page summary of findings, his own ministry found massive amounts of evidence of his affairs/sexual improprieties.

I’m glad Ravi has been exposed. While he was alive, there was plenty of evidence that his ministry was engaged in evil, and that he was false, and pushed falsehoods. He went to the grave as a false teacher, unrepentant, and as a criminal. You can figure it out his current residence based on that.

Hopefully the next big expose is on the corruption surrounding the sproul family and ligonier ministries.

  • Of Course Elder Lost.

    Larry Elder has conceded the recall election. With 68% of the vote in, 63% voted no. It’s impossible for a successful recall at this point.

    Unfortunately, that means the people who shout about unprovable election fraud will get a second wind. They will absolutely grift this to the max for the next few months.

    Every election cycle features Californians saying “This time, republicans will take back the state.” They have been saying that about the California legislature since the days of Pete Wilson, but post-Austrian guy, they have realized that even that is too delusional. So they settle on claiming they can win statewide seats and the state itself for the electoral college.

    They are always wrong.

    The only winners are democrats and a handful of pundits who create false hope and grift their audience. They show their audiences clips of a few people in SF or LA shouting against Newsom, and their dumb audience interprets it as half the state hates him.

    Republicans think that everyone loves them and would vote for them but for election fraud. They are always victims. Yet somehow, they never adapt their strategies to combat said fraud. It’s all coping mechanisms. They just can’t admit that in many states they suck, and nationally, they also suck. People only elect them when democrats f up bad.

    People need to wake up and realize that the NPCs that make up the bulk of the US will never wake up. The best you can do is move away from them and hope that states will secede or the country will just collapse.

  • A note on Texas’ new law

    There are many hailing Texas as the innovator in advancing the pro life fight.

    They are innovative only in the sense they found a loophole, created by leftist justices decades ago, justifying the prohibition of abortions weeks earlier than any other state.

    It’s not meant to challenge prior court precedent, but to conform to it in a sarcastic way. Ie, they didn’t do anything that particularly brave.

    Abortions will still take place, and the pro life money will still grift people out of money without accomplishing anything long lasting. Evidence of that is the very fact that the scheme set forth in Texas SB 8 was only introduced in 2021. They have had nearly 50 years to come up with something

    Parts of the law will most likely be struck down by federal courts. The Supreme Court will only take it if there is a majority in place that disagrees with the law. The bench knows that if they strike the law down, democrats will impeach and/or pack the court. Expect 0 bravery from the bench. Kavanaugh and Gorsuch are disappointments. Robert’s may as well come out of the closet at this point.

    All so Abbott can score some brownie points for his presidential run (roll??).

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