John MacArthurs worship of money

I’ve been harping on MacArthur (new Calvinist cult leader) for a long time, but many others are just now exposing his outrageously lavish lifestyle.

Julie Roy’s has exposed many more details of MacArthurs finances. The result, they were doxxed by the satanists at Grace to you (yes- I don’t believe anyone associated with GTY is in the body of Christ. MacArthur is an apostle of Satan, and a wicked false teacher).

The ECFA, a “Christian” financial organization that says they regulate members, endorses MacArthurs ministry. They have never looked at his “books,” and avoided Roy’s request for 10 months.

I actually know a person who reached out to the ECFA over concerns of the GTY board (after one of their members was charged by the SEC). The ECFA essentially told them to get lost. The ECFA is also an organization dedicated to running a grift and tricking people into believing the organization they support are operated in a biblical manner.

Smoke and mirrors.

Scripture shows us that tragedy strikes believers who abandon their faith and good conscience. 1 Timothy 1. In Timothy, two were actually “handed over” to Satan for punishment, so that they may learn not to blaspheme. let us all pray that grace community church be handed over to satan so that the congregants and leaders learn not to blaspheme the lord and worship false idols and false doctrines.

8 thoughts on “John MacArthurs worship of money

  1. I’ve exposed Macarthur, who is very wealthy. His son in law, Kory Welch, has taken millions from GTY with little accountability. With that money he is now producing videos for Kendall Kardashian. Macarthur’s son might be headed to jail for robbing his clients of millions. Macarthur is the head of a crime family. Why was he at the Lorraine Motel on the day MLK was assassinated there? Better not go there…

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    1. MacArthur has one story about going to the motel. This story contradicts everyone else who was actually there.

      Let’s say he was there. King’s theology would be considered heretical to MacArthur now. So why would he have been there?

      Answer: he just wants publicity points for liking black people.

      The guy is full of lies. He continues to peddle this myth that he was a recruit for a pro football team


      1. Macarthur is full of lies, but he is a strong Zionist and JKF and MLK didn’t support Israel. JFK wouldn’t allow Israel to have nukes and MLK wouldn’t support Israel over the Arab nations-so they both had to be eliminated. Macarthur’s mentor was Charles Feinberg and they both once met Ben-Gurion in Israel. Macarthur opposed the gospel being preached in Israel at that time.


  2. It’s unknown the amount of money Macarthur makes from book royalties. The public has been fed the lie that Macarthur has written 200+ books. A man who worked for decades at Macarthur’s seminary library once said that Macarthur has never written even one book. So Macarthur is an accomplished deceiver.

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    1. Most of the books are pamphlets that come from sermon series or larger works. When it comes to his other books, it’s compiled from his handwritten notes, heavily edited, with ghost writers led by Phil


      1. “Macarthur’s” book, Slave, was written by one of his paid stooges, Nate Busenitz. It’s in this book that “Macarthur” tries to make the case that all Christians are slaves and will be even in Heaven. Only the Devil’s agent could write such a lie.


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