On the Lincoln Projects problem

A lot has come out into the open about the allegations that many of the organizers of the Lincoln project have a history of grooming boys. The allegations mainly concern John Weaver.

Since allegations came out, people have been coming forward and admitting they have known all along. Steve Schmidt, also of the Andrew Johnson project, said he knew Weaver liked men, but miraculously didn’t know about the age preference. Weaver’s cheating on his wife was perfectly acceptable.

Karl Rove admitted he knew this for 32 years. Rove protected pedos for 32 years. Others came out saying John Kasich (a fraud who claims to be a Christian) was directly involved.

Conservative Twitter activist Ryan girdusky went on to brag that he had this story back in the summer. For some reason he decided to protect the grooming gang by not coming forward. He touts himself as a hero when in reality he is a sick pervert and an enabler of these people. What a loser.

We should not be surprised. I wrote about similar behavior with republicans – particularly those related to YAF (no time to link, but look for my yaf articles). It’s a big problem with American politicians, and a well documented one at that.

What we should be concerned with are their critics who know about the behavior, and keep it secret, only to come forward later to say that they knew all along. Congratulations to them. You have earned a place before a guillotine.

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