They want blood

The left is out for blood. Many are calling for literal bloodshed in the form of large scale executions of all trumpers for “sedition and treason.” There are multiple calls for impeachment, draft legislation, and resolutions that seek Vice President pence’s initiation of the 25th amendment. Other members of congress are trying to expel various members of the gop. Some want all of them out.

We all know that if trump had won, these leftist psychopaths would have flooded the streets of every city and embarked on a campaign of violence and destruction. Rather than throwing massive temper tantrums, these people now seek revenge for imaginary grievances.

Kevin McCarthy, leader of the weasels, won’t do a thing. He is part of the establishment that wants to see the right wing leave the gop. The purge of tea party sympathizers was his doing. He will do the same in the 2022 cycle. Most republicans are already on board, as they are scared of the left, and want to be seen as good boys who obey their masters.

Speaking of the 2022 cycle, by that time, expect to see massive crackdowns on all platforms. Expect to see alternative sites to be shut down and denied service entirely. Expect nothing to come of section 230 and regulation of big tech. Corporations have 0 incentive to ditch the rigged game that is benefitting them. They own all forms of media, and aren’t concerned about ratings.

To those who say “have faith and hope, the pendulum always swings back,” I say to you:

1- God is no respecter of America. A great western power is not mentioned in prophecy for a reason.

2- tell that to the Poles, Ukrainians, Cambodians, Laotians, Vietnamese, and non communist Chinese. Amongst this group, over 100,000,000 people were brutally executed or starved to death in communist purges. They never had a pendulum swing back. They were brutally crushed and destroyed.

Romans 1-2 is a really good description of our modern society. We are under judgment, and subject to his wrath.

We are slowly on our way to physical persecution of Christians. The likely steps to this point are as follows

  1. Full control over all media and communication. Silence opposition, solidify power. Continue mocking the church.
  2. Advance a pluralistic faith. While implementing restrictions and regulations over faith groups. Watch people leave the more liberal churches.
  3. As those who remain faithful are pushed underground, they will be seen as criminals for operating in secret and in defiance of the law.
  4. As the church will be discredited in the eyes of the masses, and seen as a pariah, persecution will become acceptable, and then required.

This will probably take a decade, maybe sooner. While many will say “this is extreme, we aren’t that close to these events,” ask yourself if you imagined we would be where we are today back in 2010.

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