Church advertising

Every Christmas and Easter many large churches put on massive productions that are mostly nonsense (they imitate secular activities). They then blast their communities advertisements of their services and circus.

Many churches even advertise on tv and at the movie theaters! Despite all of the money they pour into advertising, I have not once seen a gospel proclamation on their ads, just “come see our show,” or “join our church – it’s family friendly,” “seeker frequently,” bla bla bla.

What a shame.

These parodies want you to be entertained (ear-tickled), and want your money. They don’t care about you or your soul.

Personally, I use this as a criteria to determine if a church is worth looking at. If they are the type that gives their members bumper stickers and/or advertises by mail or media (w/o a gospel presentation), I will not attend their church.

2 thoughts on “Church advertising

  1. Any “church” that does what you describe is a “churchian franchise,” not a real church. This is reason enough to avoid them like the plague.

    I haven’t seen as many advertisements for churchian off-Broadway productions this year as I have in past years. COVIDIOCY has paralyzed most of these places into not meeting, so I think very few of them are doing Christmas programs. Just as well. The less churchianity the better.

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