Debunking Charged Claims

Re the election clown show, many on the right keep on relying on two key claims

  • “There were more votes than registered voters in (city) (county) or (state)”
  • “look at how many ballots that imply someone voted blue at the top of the ticket, and red down ballot” or “someone voted in the presidential race but no other”

As per the first claim, most of them are not closely true. These claims stem from states with same day voter registration, meaning their “discrepancy” is the result of bad data, not criminal conspiracy. Also, when looking at municipalities, it is common to see more ballots cast than registered voters. However, most of those votes are provisional ballots that won’t be canvassed.

Regarding the second claim, these are made out of ignorance. There is no real % difference with “undervotes” in this election as compared to previous elections. It’s common to see the presidential race to get tens of thousands, if not a few hundred thousand more votes than those cast for all house candidates in the state.

As per people abandoning the top of the ticket, while being faithful to their party down ballot, that’s normal. What we don’t know yet is if this years election had a higher rate of defection than previous cycles. Again, not a criminal conspiracy, but a result of Trump’s polarizing status.

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