Nevada Elections

Biden currently leads Trump in Nevada by around 34,000 votes. While only 104,184 ballots were cast in the Democrat primary, Biden received 703,000+ votes so far.

While normally not a swing state, Nevada may have a crucial say in this election with its 6 electoral votes.

In a tv interview today, Richard Grenell claimed that the recount and ballot challenge on Nevada calls into question roughly 200,000 mail in ballots (not sure if he misspoke, or if this is an accurate number of challenged ballots).

There was roughly more than 250,000 ballots cast in 2020 than in 2016, even though the population grew by 163,000 people.

The primary issue with the mail in ballots is that the counties are using an optical scanner to scan the mail in ballots to compare the ballot signatures with signatures in the states dmv/voter database. The hiccup is that the dmv signatures are the crappy electronic pad ones, which the optical scanner cannot read for its comparison. Nevada officials got around this by lowering the machine’s settings.

The Republican Party attempted to gain a TRO to stop the counting of mail in ballots prior to the election, but failed in court.

This issue seems like a long shot, mostly because signature comparisons between wet ink signatures and low resolution electronic signature pads seems to be an insurmountable task. (Does your signature at the grocery or department store match your regular signature?)

Despite the apparent Biden victory, the Republican Party picked up three legislative seats.

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