Late to the Game

Biden’s cancer charity gives no money to research, millions to staff!!!

Biden promoted several scams that defrauded the public!

Look at Biden’s tax returns, he makes millions!

These are summaries of the latest stories being peddled on social media by those in Trump’s circle, as if somehow these stories will impact a court’s decision on the present litigation. Tell Corey lewandowski and Don jr that the election already happened.

These stories don’t matter anymore. It’s not as if the information just came out after the election. The reason you haven’t heard these stories until now is due to the incompetence of the RNC and Trump’s campaign. This is all information the party should have had by the end of the primary season (they hire people who conduct background checks and investigations into their opposition).

Trump didn’t race to the finish. His campaign ran out of gas in late summer, and he coasted to the finish, thinking a few rallies would win over undecideds and new voters.

Contrary to cult opinion, the size of Trump’s rallies never indicated how much support he had- only how zealous his supporters were.

The only purpose these stories serve now are to advertise for OAN and Newsmax, and to speed Fox News’ demise, and to poison the well even more for the Biden administration (not that anyone needed to do that- the democrats have done a fantastic job). The other purpose of these stories is to add to the post election chaos.

As I have said before, trump is a chaos agent. He thrives in chaos, which is why he is creating as much of it as he can in this moment of post election doubt. He is throwing everything against the wall.

It’s too late for him. He should have done this pre election.

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