SBC’s False Choice

Every SBC convention brings about liberal drift. In 2017, they condemned the 50 person “alt right.” The next year, they joined the me too bandwagon. Last year, the Southern Baptist Convention yet again presented a politically charged, and well loaded, resolution on critical race theory (resolution 9).

No matter how the resolution is voted on, the Southern Baptists look stupid, foolish, and wrong. If they vote yes, they say to the world “we are abusers, rapists, etc.” The news will condemn them, bludgeon them over the head, and interest groups will use the resolution to push false ideologies, teachers, etc. to conform the church to the image of the world.

If convention votes no, they look like mongrels, in light of the recent news stories (of claims that are mostly one sided, unsubstantiated, and may also be falling apart).

We all know Russell Moore and Al Mohler are behind this effort. We also know the figurehead of biblical counseling in the SBC (Heath Lambert) has been offing as many people he disagrees with over “academic” reasons, of course.

If the convention, as a group, were smart, they would rebuke the author and sponsor of the resolution, institute them under church discipline (for condoning going around church discipline and using the media to humiliate the church).

That didn’t happen. Elites in the SBC, such as Mohler, Lambert, Moore, Greear, et al. have been successful in implementing a coup that’s been planned for years. They have successfully purged everyone who was involved in the movement that made the SBC take a conservative course decades ago. Now they are taking the SBC down the path to communism.

Let’s look at where we are today with the SBC:

  • rebuking famous pastors who parted ways with them on the issue of social justice, and who are now suing civil authorities over Corona restrictions. All while supporting their own institutions(CHBC) who sue civil authorities over corona restrictions.
  • Criticizing trump over trivial matters, while they never spoke out against Obama/democrats over similar behavior
  • Silence on abortion
  • Trend towards Acceptance of homosexuality.

20 thoughts on “SBC’s False Choice

    1. If you are talking about the video link on the shepcon article, John Macarthur has been copyright claiming everyone online who is posting the video. Because he is such a good Christian who wants the world to see what a disgrace that interaction between him and mohler was

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  1. If you aren’t familiar with Ray Fava’s Evangelical Dark Web blog, I suggest you look it up. It is on WordPress.

    Time flies when you are locked down. He has been covering the lunacy of the SBC. I thought it was recent, but I spotted a post way back, almost pre covid (expletive deleted so you don’t get censored), from back in March. He may have earlier posts and I spotted a couple of related posts on my way there.


    1. I’ll have to check it out. Thirty pieces of silver (WordPress) covers SBC and TGC. SBC has had problems with leftism for several years now. No one should be surprised, as they tolerated prosperity gospel heretics and charismatics for decades.


      1. Dark Web also covers TGC. I follow Trevin Wax at TGC. Other than his touchy-feely headlines he seems ok. Any thoughts on Trevin?


      2. Don’t know who that is. I have said before and will say again, based off the beliefs and positions of the “famous” people at TGC, I wouldn’t consider any person working for TGC or affiliated with them to be in the body of Christ. I consider them heretics and false teachers.

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      3. A concern I have with the SBC, and several churches I have attended, is their method of doctrinal changes: rather than being up front, they have a culture of infiltration, and staying quiet about their beliefs until they can convince a majority of the congregation/institutions.

        I don’t like subversive behavior or acting in secret when it comes to the church. It’s evil, and is not biblical.

        Corrections have to be made publicly. If a pastor is afraid to go public with a doctrinal shift, it’s because: baptist polity is wrong; the pastor is a coward; or the pastor is in error.

        Every reformed baptist church I attended became Calvinist through subversion. The “new covenant theology” trend in the SBC is spreading through subversion as well.

        My realizing this has caused me to reconsider my stance on Calvinism overall.


      4. “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” Sometimes your have to be political. Revelation was written in figurative language so there was plausible deniability. Being clear would have led to immediate execution.


  2. OK, maybe you recall this scenario at the SBC. I have been searching my files and haven’t found my notes yet. I vividly remember this so it is likely true.

    About 15 years ago, Erskine had a situation where one of the professors was violating the statement of faith he signed with what he was teaching in class. Oddly, I can’t even find the news reporting the conflict. I surely bookmarked the articles about it, but can’t find a digital record.

    During my research into the Erskine situation, I ran across an article about how Al Mohler got his position as president of the SBTS in 1993.

    Here is what I recall of that story:

    In the years prior to 1993, the SBC was drifting “left” “liberal”. A group of men (maybe humans to include women, but I don’t think there were any women involved) came together to fight that drift. They started out by getting appointed to various committees and each convention moved up the ladder until they held a majority on the committee that had the power to appoint the seminary president.

    They then called Mohler to that position.

    After taking over at the seminary, Mohler required all professors to reaffirm the existing, conservative statement of faith.

    A large portion of them would not and left the seminary. Those positions were filled with conservative professors.

    Any recollection of that scenario?

    Those were early days on the Internet, so it is entirely possible that all my research exists as printouts of articles in one of the dozens of boxes I have in storage. I have tried searching online again, limiting the searches to the relevant time periods to no avail.


    1. I’m only familiar with SBC politics from 10 years back til now. I’m vaguely familiar with the Calvinist battles and mohlers rise to fame.

      What’s funny is that no one uses statements of faith for firings anymore. It’s all done under NDAs and with accusations being made by liberals, and dumb conservatives keeping quiet because of old order thinking.

      Mohler fired some decent faculty, mostly those who were opposed to the biblical counseling programs being peddled by him (run by a fraud of an academic- “biblical counseling” is a complete sham of a field too)


      1. Well, ain’t that special. (To mangle a phrase of my adopted Southern home.)

        I was in the last graduating class from Biola College before it became Biola University in the Fall of 1980.

        1. In I believe 1978, they hired several graduates of Azua-Pacific’s (College then, now University) Masters of Student Affairs program to run the Biola Student Affairs Department. They promptly liberalized the dress code and made the Code of Conduct a suggestion no longer requiring a signature. The next crop of students admitted promptly set up a drug and prostitution ring in one of the men’s dorms resulting in the expulsion of 8 or 9 students and a long lecture from then-president Dr. Chase.
        With the revision of the dress code, I predicted that within the decade Biola would no longer be known for its “distinctives”. I was proven prophetic within the year. It has been downhill since then.

        2. A couple of side notes to history.

        a. Senator Thune of South Dakota attended there at the same time I was there. His father taught there. I’ll leave you to guess why I mention him.

        b. Of the four Bible professors I had:
        #1. Left because he supported Higher Criticism. He was my Old Testament prof.
        #2. Left because he was boinking his secretary while teaching me doctrine including what the Bible teaches about marriage.
        #3. Is now a Talbot professor but was dancing on the edge when he was teaching my Minor Prophets course.
        #4. Was a staunch and faithful teacher of the Bible, especially the book of Acts.
        I’m amazed I not more screwed up than people think I am. Goes to show you that you always need to “trust but verify”.

        OK. Now to reply to your comment. Bing! The light comes on. How about this to explain the SBC?

        Biola became a university by merging with the Rosemead School of Psychology. A “Christian” graduate school of psychology. The merger began in 1977, about the same time the Azua-Pacific folks showed up, and despite my familiarity with the school (a family member worked there for one of its founders), I had a “bad” feeling about bringing in all that “psycho-babble” “touchy-feely” stuff. It just didn’t seem to be truly Biblically based.

        “Mohler fired some decent faculty, mostly those who were opposed to the biblical counseling programs being peddled by him (run by a fraud of an academic- “biblical counseling” is a complete sham of a field too)”

        How about that for “coincidence”? Over a decade earlier. Kinda explains some things since Biola and Talbot were the training grounds for hundreds of “conservative” pastors and theologians.

        Makes you wonder if any of this was “coincidence” seeing what is going on in our government.

        What does Steve Bannon say about coincidence and conspiracy? I can’t tell you because my Internet connection crashed as soon as I hit enter on that search. Coincidence? Or Conspiracy? Let me adjust my tinfoil hat.

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      2. I wrote my articles on Calvinism incorporated with a chart image for a reason. When people see how these people are all interconnected , yet have disproportionate media access, it’s scary.


    2. from what I have heard, that sounds accurate- Baptist’s used committees and statements to make personal changes, rather than “firing” people outright, which is what they do now


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