John MacArthur’s corruption problems

TLDR: John MacArthur is head of a tax exempt charity, where his family members get a say in his salary and how this “charity” is operated. Nepotism and the running of charities is highly unethical, but not illegal. However, one of his sons got caught up in extremely unethical and illegal behavior. He is now charged by one of the SEC’s most experienced attorneys.

Php 1:15  Some indeed preach Christ from envy and rivalry, but others from good will.

Php 1:16  The latter do it out of love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel.

Php 1:17 The former proclaim Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely but thinking to afflict me in my imprisonment.

After doing a lot of digging interesting “new Calvinism,” and John MacArthur after discovering he believes one can take the mark of the beast and be saved (in direct contradiction of the prophesy of revelation). Note: link provides relevant scriptural passages and the script of the Q&A in question, but I have not vetted the website/author- it’s the first link available.

I recently discovered that the son of John MacArthur, and a board member of his ministry Grace To You, was charged by the Securities and Exchange commission for fraud back in February. I briefly discussed and linked to several of the source articles in my last post (can’t link right now).

Mark MacArthur is accused of defrauding his investment firms clients of over $16,000,000. The other defendant was a personal friend of Mark going back to their time at … The Master’s University. They must have learned ethics from John MacArthur.

The federal agency announced earlier this month that MacArthur, 52, his Criterion Management Insurance Services, Inc., as well as then co-owner Robert Gravette, allegedly breached their fiduciary duty and defrauded their advisory clients by failing to disclose significant financial conflicts of interest when recommending investments in private real estate investment funds.

MacArthurs sons serve on the board of his “non profit, charitable” ministry. So much for nepotism. As board members, they are supposed to act in the best interest of the entity. With a board of a charity made up of family members, it would seem that the MacArthur’s are susceptible to confusing their family with their ministry.

John MacArthur’s son in law makes hundreds of thousands each year from the ministry as well. Meanwhile, MacArthur takes in around $250,000 from GTY alone. He gets another 6 figure salary from his college/seminary, plus his salary from his church. I do not know how his book royalties, conference appearances, or YouTube royalties work, so that is possible additional income.

Would you trust a pastor who uses the name of Christ for personal profit and enrichment? There is receiving earned wages, and then there is grift.

When does it become acceptable to turn a ministry into a family enterprise? Would you trust a three generation pastoring family that has multiple ancestors who were also pastors? I wouldn’t, based on experience. Every time I have met or heard of a second generation pastor, I have always seen dysfunction and apostasy take place by one or both of the family members.

There are no second generation Christians (the Presbyterian notion of covenant children in the New Testament is deeply heretical and denies the gospel at a fundamental level. Those who teach that doctrine are not in the faith). Each generation has to be witnessed to. Family ministries ought to be held in suspicion. (If you are triggered by this, look up how RC sproul jr was kicked out of his church, and for what reasons. And then look up all the scandals he committed while employed by his father).

This is the latest 990 report that is available. Note it is from 2014. Nonprofits and charities are allowed to delay reporting. Not all do this- some report on an annual basis for the benefit of their donors. A Christian “charity” should not only be willing to show their financials like every other charity, but they should desire to make it easily accessible on their website, to show the world and their donors they are faithful stewards. The fact that GTY does not do this indicates they have things to hide.

Phil Johnson should be met with suspicion too, as he has numerous postings and sources of incomes, and may as well be an adopted child of MacArthur. His name is all over the corporate filings of GTY, and he is the gatekeeper for access to MacArthur. He may be the most evil person of all in the ministry, as he protects John from biblical rebuke, and covers his transgressions (failing his duties and responsibilities as an elder).

I hope this wakes at least one person up about who the MacArthurs really are, and I hope that a movement to shed light on this very questionable ministry begins. I say this as someone who has spent years listening to and reading MacArthur, and attending churches pastored by TMS graduates and personal friends of John and Phil.

PS: prosecutors have high rates of success for a reason – they don’t waste time on questionable cases. Feds waste even less time.

SEC press release on charges

The California Secretary of State’s records of Grace To You

Grace to you’d 990’s.

Note: MacArthur paid his son in law $5+ million over 7 years for “media production.”

28 thoughts on “John MacArthur’s corruption problems

  1. Good post exposing Macarthur. Unfortunately, his son may not being doing any jail time due to this Covid 19 and his father’s influence. If you have time, look into just why Macarthur was at the Lorraine Motel on the day MLK was killed.

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    1. I have seen that (and a link to the story posted on the post before this one).

      MacArthur has a history of making exaggerated claims. I started picking up on it myself after listening to him for years. Other people in his circle do so as well.

      Then I found source materials that had the links.

      It’s unbelievable that people will follow a man who says so much that is so easily proven to be false.

      Combine that with the fact his ministries are all under his thumb, and run by his family and Phil Johnson.

      John is the pope of new Calvinism though, and he can’t be criticized.

      For me in my personal life, it’s made things difficult, as the church options are few. I left a church that worships MacArthur and men. Now in the hunt for a sound church that teaches scripture.


      1. Just stay home and read your bible and pray. When 2 or more are gathered God is with them. All churches I’ve seen are corporations and unbiblical. Make sure you read the KJV only. Regarding Macarthur, I believe he was at the Lorraine Motel that night and published this fact then an agent named Paige Rogers has wrote lies that he wasn’t there as damage control.


      2. If NAS refers to New American Standard then you are reading a corrupted version and the Greek would be based on the Westcott Hort Greek text which is a corruption written in 1881. The true Greek text which is the word of God is called the Textus Receptus. Westcott and Hort were both occultists who hated Jesus Christ. This is why the word of God today is the KJV or NKJV.


      3. The kjv contains several books compiled not from Greek, but from commentaries. We have better manuscripts today than what they worked with back then.


      4. What books were written from commentaries? The Westcott Hort / NASB was written from the Vaticanus and the Sinaiticus. Maybe 5 copies total that greatly differed from each other. One was found in the Vatican library and the other in a wastebasket near Mt. Sinai. The Textus Receptus, the basis of the KJV, was written from 5000 manuscripts that agreed 99% with each other.


      5. “This is why the word of God today is the KJV or NKJV.”

        The Textus Receptus is largely based on the Majority Text. There are quite a few substantive textual corruptions in the Majority Text that were copied to the Textus Receptus. Those textual variants only exist in later works that have important differences from earlier attestations. The Majority Text (and thus the Textus Receptus and KJV it is based upon) commits the fallacy that having the most (and newest) manuscripts means that it is correct, rather than considering what is the earliest or best attested (among the Alexandrian, Western, Caesarean, and Byzantine text types)

        For these, and other reasons, almost every major English translation is not based on it. The Alexandrian text types are preferred by most for exhibiting fewer grammatical rewrites and glosses. Whether Westcott/Hort were heretics does not impact this assessment, but it is worth noting that if they disagreed with the later additions found in the Majority Text, then they would, by definition, be heretics against the corruptions and defenders of the original Word of God. Everyone is a heretic to someone.


      6. About 95% of manuscripts are in agreement.

        Later discovered texts confirm accuracy of others.

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but the debates boil down to one chapter of Mark, the johannion comma, and revelation.

        Relying on a translation that used Erasmus’ commentary, since they didn’t have access to the transcripts for the letter half of the NT, is … sketchy.

        The sad part about the debate over manuscripts is it’s generally PhD level researchers arguing with guys on YouTube, with 99% of the viewers thinking James white and James Anderson are the only two people with opinions on the matter.

        Many KJV backers assume that the use of any other translation leads to doctrinal differences. It’s an assumption- there are plenty of Calvinistic churches that rely on KJV to this day, and there are plenty of Armenians who read ESV.

        I use bible hub for a reason- I can compare multiple transliterations to each other, and then compare to Greek. (I also have professional software, but don’t use it as often)


      7. The Textus Receptus, basis of KJV, was compiled using many manuscripts that largely agreed. The NIV, NASB, NLT, etc. were compiled from a few Alexandrian texts which didn’t agree with each other or with the Textus Receptus. Just study bible comparison charts to see how corrupt the modern versions have become.


      8. “About 95% of manuscripts are in agreement.”

        The vast majority of textual differences are minor spelling and grammar errors, mistaken deletions or duplication, and other differences that have no doctrinal significance.

        “Later discovered texts confirm accuracy of others.”

        Yes and no. The problem with the Majority Text is that merely having more copies of the same text doesn’t really tell you much, only that they are identical copies. It is the differences between texts (especially if unrelated) that confirm their accuracy. This is not intuitive and appears paradoxical, but it explains why our confidence in the text has increased in the last few decades. This is partially due to dramatically better computer-facilitated storage and analysis of textual variants.

        To use an analogy, let’s say I’m reading a weak/distant analog radio transmission into a digital device. If I sample it at a low frequency, the signal will be hard to pick out of the noise. But if I read many more samples than I need, I can average the results. Because certain noise is random, the averaging removes that noise and makes the signal detection much stronger. Similarly, the more variants detected, the more likely we are to find the original and/or detect corruptions.

        To use another analogy, consider witness testimony. Say 10 witnesses say one thing, and 1 witness says another, but the last witness’ testimony is better corroborated by physical evidence at the scene of the crime. First, we might favor the 1 witness over the 10, because truth isn’t a matter of majority voting. We might still have reservations. Second, if the physical evidence supported the 10 witnesses, we would consider the evidence to be overwhelming. Third, 10 bad witnesses is no more useful than 1 bad witness. Fourth, two witnesses who disagree can be better than ten witnesses who agree.

        “I can compare multiple transliterations to each other, and then compare to Greek.”

        Here you demonstrate this principle: by examining multiple variations, it is easier to identify the signal from the noise. It is not a perfect method, but it is far, far better than having no variations at all. A similar heuristic is to avoid deriving doctrines from a small (or solitary) set of passages.

        “Correct me if I’m wrong, but the debates boil down to one chapter of Mark, the johannion comma, and revelation. “

        Along with the Pericope Adulterae, those are the largest and most obvious corruptions. Most English translations stop there, making minor footnotes for various other contested passages. But there are many other variations. Those tend to impact fewer verses, but some are strongly debated and have doctrinal significance.

        Among the most contentious is 1 Corinthians 14:34-35, which may be a scribal gloss that was intentionally or mistakenly added to the text (neither are all that unusual). If it was an addition, it was done early in the manuscript history. This is an example of how the lack of extant variants means we have to rely on other arguments. See my informal debate with Deep Strength: link.


      9. The KJV in Isaiah 14:12 speaks of the fall of Lucifer. The NIV, NASB have changed this to the fall of the Morning Star who is Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t want to be trusting the NASB once I knew this. Occultists who hated Jesus Christ wrote the modern versions. Learn the history.


      10. Here you demonstrate this principle: by examining multiple variations, it is easier to identify the signal from the noise. It is not a perfect method, but it is far, far better than having no variations at all. A similar heuristic is to avoid deriving doctrines from a small (or solitary) set of passages.


        As per the pericope adulterae, it never bothered me either way. Under the law, they wouldn’t have had lawful authority to just execute one party. The law required both to be put to death.

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      11. “Maybe 5 copies [of Vaticanus and the Sinaiticus] total that greatly differed from each other. One was found in the Vatican library and the other in a wastebasket near Mt. Sinai. The Textus Receptus, the basis of the KJV, was written from 5000 manuscripts that agreed 99% with each other.

        But those 5 copies, with all their variations, are in many ways more valuable than the 5,000 manuscripts that mostly agree. No matter how universal the agreement is on corrupted texts, they are still corrupted. Victors write the history.


      12. You are telling me that the Catholics who came up with false doctrines also had bad interpretations!!!!! No way 🤣🤣🤣

        I really disdain the Protestant push to maintain as much of Augustine as possible.


      13. Satan is the God of this world and has declared war on God’s word from the beginning. Liars write the history books and liars wrote the new bible versions. The bible versions you say are valuable were written by Alexandrian gnostics.


    2. This site makes many claims which I haven’t read through. However, he sources quotes. The financials are older that what I have mentioned, but they should still be a red flag to any church goer.

      “By covetousness they will exploit you . . . .” (2 Peter 2:3). For a few examples of MacArthur’s income, in 2006 MacArthur made $160,363 with $13,828 in benefits from his “Grace To You” ministry, and also in 2006 MacArthur made an additional $123,785 with $25,757 in benefits from “The Master’s College.” In 2011 MacArthur made $402,444 from “Grace To You,” and $92,985 with $10,295 in benefits from “The Master’s College.” These figures do not include any additional income he might receive from his church. For proof of these figures, see page 5 in 2006 IRS Form 990 for “Grace To You” and page 5 in the 2006 IRS Form 990 for “The Master’s College” and page 7 in the 2011 IRS Form 990 for “Grace To You,” and the last page in the 2011 IRS Form 990 for “The Master’s College.”


  2. JM thinks that he is too big to fail when he declared there is no covid-19 and now he is god above all medical people.
    The people in his church are worshipping the man JM instead of the Lord Jesus Christ. They applauded when he criticized the Calfornia state govt.
    JM should changed his profession to a politician instead of hiding behind a church front.

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    1. Macarthur should be a politician? Most of the wolves today are andI think once the Antichrist takes power Macarthur could be one of his kings. He certainly has the right Satanic lineage and credentials.


  3. Robert, please, study the biblical languages and look at the real data.

    Your argument that “Satan is the God of this world and has declared war on God’s word from the beginning” is a typical one that many KJO people use to mean, “THEREFORE, only the KJV is true!” No logic there! You didn’t make up this line, you heard it from other KJO people, but stop to think about what it really means!

    Another fact: the original KJV contained the Apocrypha. In fact, I have a copy of the KJV Apocrypha.

    “Liars write the history books and liars wrote the new bible versions. The bible versions you say are valuable were written by Alexandrian gnostics.” The second sentence is pure lie. There is zero evidence for this Alexandrian Gnostic myth, apart from the conspiracy theories from Chick comics and a few outliers like the late Peter Ruckman, people who are not able to evaluate the evidence for themselves, so they resort to copy-paste and YouTube videos. And insulting modern Bible translators is a terrible slander. I urge you to actually meet one or two of the editors of the ESV or NVI and ask them about their evangelical faith.

    “99% of the manuscripts agree with the Textus receptus” is simply another lie; it’s popularity does not make it any more true. First, not one manuscript, zero, agrees fully with the TR. Where do you get the number 99 from? Second, the TR was NOT written based on 5000 manuscripts; when Erasmus and the others put together the TR they had dozens at best. And you know that Erasmus was a lifelong Catholic, spoke against the Reformation, dedicated his NT to the pope, and spoke often of his devotion to Mary? Chick comics never mention that!

    Westcott and Hort were satanic – yet another lie. Have you read Westcott’s works? I don’t mean a half-sentence or so that someone has copied out of context and shown you, I mean, for example, his commentary on the Johannine Epistles. He was the great champion of his generation for the full deity of Christ; the two were also strong proponents of worldwide mission. It’s scandalous how these brothers are slandered today, and those who do so will have to answer for “every idle world.”

    I have an open invitation on my Spanish blog to publicly debate with me about the Spanish NIV; I’m happy to do the same for the English version if you want to accept!


    1. Westcott and Hort were occultists and were members of the Cambridge Ghost Society. Do your homework. Here’s a quote:

      “Meanwhile in Great Britain, a Cambridge professor, Fenton John Antony Hort, Anglican clergyman, Brooke Foss Westcott 34. and the future Archbishop of Canterbury, Edward White Benson, founded the Cambridge Ghost Society in 1851. 35. The Ghost Society would become the parent of the Society for Psychical Research, which was directed by Dr. Hort’s student, Henry Sidgwick and his wife, Eleanor Balfour. The latter was the sister of Arthur Balfour, who would become Prime Minister of Great Britain.”


      1. Please, do your homework apart from snipping quotes from a KJV Only site. And please show me proof, from your own investigation, of this Alexandrian Gnostic Conspiracy. Have you studied the Gnostic literature? What are its main tenets? Would they have rejected the NT’s teaching about the deity of Christ? What verses in the NT did they distort about the incarnation, the way of salvation, the second coming, and can you explain why all of those texts and all of those doctrines are still present in the so-called “Alexandrian” manuscripts?


      2. Let’s look at what Westcott himself said. He was part of a society that was created in order to DISCREDIT seances, spiritualism, the paranormal. They called it the Ghost society, partly ironically, because that is precisely what they were overturning:

        ‘Many years ago I had occasion to investigate “spiritualistic” phenomena with some care, and I came to a clear conclusion, which I feel bound to express in answer to your circular. It appears to me that in this, as in all spiritual questions, Holy Scripture is our supreme guide. I observe, then, that while spiritual ministries are constantly recorded in the Bible, there is not the faintest encouragement to seek them. The case, indeed, is far otherwise. I cannot, therefore, but regard every voluntary approach to beings such as those who are supposed to hold communication with men through mediums as unlawful and perilous. I find in the fact of the Incarnation all that man (so far as I can see) requires for life and hope.’ Westcott, B.F. (July 1893). “The Response to the Appeal”. Borderland. Vol. I no. 1. p. 11.

        So: Spiritualism is bunk, read the Bible, trust in Christ! A good Christian answer by anyone’s standard.

        The bulk of the attacks against the persons of Westcott and Hort are basically gossip, created by their fierce opponent Dean Burgon in the 19th century, and repeated endlessly since then. Gossip endless repeated in the echo chamber of KJO is still gossip, and still sin.

        Please, this KJO movement of the type you are expounding has become a sect, and mainly over the past 50 years, rewriting the doctrine of inspiration, twisting historical facts to suit their (novel) doctrine, a teaching not held by the Reformers. I can only urge you to seek divine guidance, because any other sources I could give you will not be enough to overturn this narrative. Thanks, Gary


  4. This Alexandrian Gnostic Conspiracy Theory of Bible manuscripts: this theory has about the same amount of credibility as the Ancient Astronaut show I sometimes watch on History Channel; true students know the silliness of both theories. And the defense that both theories give is the same: “Well, can you prove that aliens DIDN’T build the pyramics/Gnostics DIDN’T write these manuscripts?”


  5. The Sinaiticus was found in Alexandria! That’s the basis of the corrupt versions including the NIV. The gnostics wrote those corrupt manuscripts and it doesn’t matter who wrote them because they oppose God’s Word. The manuscripts you defend are extremely corrupt and missing hundreds of verses. You must be an agent because you deny what is commonly known. I never said aliens built pyramids. They were built by the Nephilim which you are too ignorant to understand as well.


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