Get that donation money, churches!

For those who attend church, I’m sure you understand that people don’t donate (I hate using tithe, as that’s an OT Jewish system of funding the church-state) to churches when they don’t attend. Maybe people will pay “back-donations” for when they miss, but let’s be honest here.

So it’s no surprise that pastors really want to get people packed into their congregations again. They will justify their positions by twisting scripture, ignoring the fact that for a pretty long time, the church was comprised of small groups of people, not massive crowds meeting in public where the pagan Romans could see them. These charlatan pastors ignore the fact that scripture says “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Matthew 18:20.

Never mind the fact that in some southern states, the initial massive outbreaks occurred in church congregations.

Never mind that just this week, 40 people in an Alabama church tested positive for corona. Of course, this church said they were social distancing while not wearing masks. Uh, the entire point of distancing was combining it with masks.

Tell a southerner “praise Jesus, hallelujah amen,” and they will buy whatever you sell them.

Pastors in America love their authority. Especially cult leaders like John MacArthur (a multi millionaire who uses ministry funds to pay his family members millions— because it’s for Jesus you know. MacArthur is totally not like Joel osteen. Links below). They would rather open up than protect their flock. Why? Not because of sound interpretation of scripture, but because doing the PRUDENT thing and meeting online and in SMALL groups opens up challenges to the cult leaders authority. You see, the modern American church refuses to operate under the principles and commands set forth in Acts, Timothy, Titus, and all the other epistles. That would undercut fundraising models and revenue streams.

Seven of the top outbreak states are southern states. They are this way for a reason: no one wears masks. No one is obeying state orders on closures or limited occupancy. Churches are still packed. Cough cough, the Fox News demographic is leading the charge, because they bought the lie initially advocated by cnn, but now back because their cult leaders on Fox, and our idiot president now follow that narrative.

John macarthurs son, and board member of his ministry, was charged with fraud by the SEC this year for defrauding investors out of 16 million.

Nepotism at Grace To You

A former TMS professor writes an open letter to MacArthur (what he describes is essentially Scientology. Guess who is friends with a tv personality connected to Scientology? Oh MacArthur himself).

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