ACU & YAF Founded by Child Sodomizer

We all know that Milo was thrown out of Conservative, Inc. for his comments on being raped by a priest as a kid. What’s interesting is that he was thrown out of an organization that was founded by a Roman Catholic lover of boys. (He was thrown out of YAF because he brought negative heat from the right, not because YAF had opposition to his message. I am just pointing out an irony).

Something important to discuss is how YAF is connected to some high-profile characters who are known or suspected to have abused minors.

Robert Bauman, a creep

Robert Bauman was a Roman Catholic, and married Carol Dawson (an advocate of women’s liberation – YAF later pushed out women who opposed the women’s liberation movement). He helped start YAF and the ACU, and was influential in the development of what we now label Conservative, Inc. The book A Generation Awakens, by Wayne Thorburn gives a detailed history of YAF and Bauman’s influence in the group. This book is a great resource for connecting people to YAF.

Robert Bauman was arrested in early 1980 for solicitation and performance of “oral sodomy” on a 16 year old boy he picked up at a gay bar. Even after his arrest, Bauman campaigned for Reagan, appeared at YAF events, and was even the spokesman for a YAF conference in Detroit (Detroit 80 Youth Operation). There is no record of Bauman being purged from YAF. Although YAF was known for purging members from their organization, especially libertarians, pedophilia is ok to them. When Bauman lost his bid for re-election that year, he abandoned his family, came out of the closet, wrote a book about it, and spent the rest of his life advocating tax evasion.

Bauman is not the only fan of barely-pubescent children to have associations with YAF. Lawrence “Larry” King (not the CNN one) was a republican activist who was influential in YAF during the 1980’s. A Generation Awaken’s relies on many of King’s writings for the history of the organization. I am nearly certain this is the same exact Larry King of Boys Town, Nebraska fame (same groups of people, same friends). King had embezzled tens of millions of dollars, and served a decade in prison. He was involved in a pedophile sex ring that involved Republican White House officials.

It has been alleged for many years that Ben Stein (a long-time YAF conference speaker) has engaged in such activities with young females. (Research this on your own). The allegations are that Ben is the west coast Republican version of Epstein, and uses his wife (a victim’s advocate of all people) to recruit victims.

Interestingly enough, one of Bauman’s close buddies was Buckley, who would label opponents as “queer” for opposing unnecessary foreign intervention. However, Buckley didn’t expose one of his political enemies, Gore Vidal, for being a pedo himself. Instead, Buckley kept a file of evidence that he never released. Gore Vidal’s own family owned up to Gore’s past.

Although YAF has taken positions against the gay movement, the following gay authors are YAF alums: Robert Baumamn, Marvin Liebman, Mike Hudson, Randy Shilts, William Grimes. YAF also welcomed pro-gay conservatives Breitbart, Coulter, and Milo.

I am just wondering if any of you out there have info on this matter. You should come forward.

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