Mapping Conservative, Inc. pt. 2

My last post on Conservative, Inc. detailed the net assets that institutions such as YAF possess. What I didn’t reveal was the annual revenue of some of these organizations. I also forgot to highlight another right wing institution that has a ton of money, but flies under the radar (America’s Future Foundation). By the way, this website ought to help anyone who is researching the right-wing/Conservative, Inc. They have a way to export data into excel so you can track individual donors!

This time, I wont bother to break down organizational expenses on items such as salaries. What is important is knowing that people who control millions of dollars are powerful and influential.

Entity “net” Assets Annual Revenue
Institute for Humane Studies $7 million in assets approximately $18 million
CATO $81 million in assets Over $ 36 million in 2017
Mercatus $19 million in assets over $29 million in 2017
AFP $12 million Over $ 57 million in 2017
AFP Foundation Nearly $ 5 million Over $ 17 million 2017
Federalist Society over $25 million in assets Over $ 20 million
Judicial Crisis Network $100,000 Over $ 25 million 2016
YAF Nearly $70 million in assets $ 20-30 million/year
ACU In debt Over $ 9 million
Heritage Foundation over $265 million in assets. Over $ 82 million 2017
Media Research Center ($14 million in assets) Over $ 14 million 2017
Turning Point USA $ 1.3 million $ 8 million 2017
Turning Point Endowment   $ 1.8 million 2017
AFF Less than $ 1 milllion $ 1 million
Leadership Institute $23 million in assets $ 15 million a year
  OVER $ 523 Million OVER $ 362 Million

The board members and executives of these foundations have the power of the purse for an entire movement/ideology, and use that power to serve the interests of their board members. Quite frankly, the executive staff of these institutions are mostly puppets themselves.

If you spend even a short amount of time looking at 990’s for these groups, you will see that they all give money to each other. Transferring funds makes the point of origin unidentifiable. There is also a highly technical and legal way for money to move in and out of funds dedicated to partisan political activity (outside of “speaking fees” provided by groups such as YAF when candidates aren’t technically campaigning).

New to this chart is America’s Future Foundation. It is a hub organization, with ties to Koch, IHS, and YAF. Its executives and senior staff have cross-pollinated at cooperating institution. Think of them as a recruiter of talent for other nonprofits. Oh and AFF is partners with ALEC, which writes most of the legislation introduced in State Legislatures across the nation.


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