Impeachment Hearings = Demoralizing Sham

What violations of law do the impeachment hearings attempt to expose? The standard for impeachment, per the Constitution is “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Eventually, the incredibly boring history of “high crimes and misdemeanors” will be discussed on CSPAN, if it hasn’t already. Essentially, Congress can impeach the President (and later convict them) for political crimes. This is how the system is set up to operate. Congress speaks for the people, and can impeach executives and judges. Congress can also unseat its own members. But lets get back to our dysfunctional reality. We live in an era of hyper-partisanship, where politicians act like rival gang members. Dissent is not allowed, and no mercy is given to the other side, and extreme dissidents are “canceled,” having been deleted from the internet. Donald Trump is the odd man out, regardless of his actions. Half of Republicans and all of the Democrats hate him. If we had a dignified government, the least they could do is investigate the President for violations of codified law. Assume Trump Pressured Ukraine Let’s assume that the President explicitly made funds contingent on investigating a corrupt oil company. Concerning aid to Ukraine, the only benefit Trump would have received is criminal activity being exposed (we know for fact there was misconduct by Ukrainian prosecutors). Big deal. How an American attorney, and son of the Vice President, somehow managed to end up in a foreign country making tens of millions of dollars at a company known for corruption – oh wow how dare Trump. Quid pro quo literally means “favor for favor.” In contract law, we call this bargained-for-exchange. It is the lifeblood of our economy. Of course, we often use quid pro quo in the context of unethical conspiracies. Quid pro quo is not the proper term. Bribery is.  The reason you are hearing “quid pro quo” and not “bribery” in the media is because the politico-media complex is skirting libel/slander laws. Their choice of words is a subtle admission that they don’t have anything. Honest journalists are too stupid and caught up in the minutia to see it. Except journalist and honest don’t really coexist these days. When a head of state asks a favor for a favor, we call it foreign policy. You may not like it, but it’s not a crime. The benefit to trump is merely tangential, and is the result of someone else’s actual corruption. In other words, impeachment is much ado about nothing. My professional legal opinion on this matter is that those caught up in the hype lack the ability to discern basic facts. They are retarded. The Impeachment Story Is Driven By The Media What makes impeachment a national issue are biased media sources frantically writing about the impeachment, pretending that there is some groundswell of pro-impeachment sentiment, based on an insurmountable amount of evidence. It’s all just talk between “journalists” who live in a bubble. Unfortunately, that bubble has influence (hmmm they are foreigners to the American public but have undue influence … crime!). When the media creates a narrative, it is almost impossible to correct it. Just ask Richard Jewell. There will be a movie about him coming out soon. Regarding the articles of impeachment against Trump, I wouldn’t say there is literally no evidence of “wrongdoing.” I would say that Trump would never be convicted if it were an actual trial. In fact, if this were a real trial, every witness would have been torn to shreds and deemed to be not credible. Most of the witnesses have nice titles and high salaries. Their responsibilities are those of glorified interns. Any average American who would be forced to listen to their testimony over hours would see these guys are clowns. And then they would see they are partisans. Long time democrats with democrats associates, hiring democrat attorneys, or using attorneys paid for by other democrats. Game over for the malicious prosecution at that point. We would be seeing more of this, but Republican attorneys at congressional hearings are absolutely worthless. They think that nitpicking technical hypocrisies in a statement, and amongst witnesses, will win the day. They are wrong. What wins in this situation is mapping out every person who is testifying against you. Research their histories to death. These witnesses already think they are the most important people in the government. It wont be hard to find evidence of their grandiosity elsewhere. The Good In The Impeachment Process The only good they are doing is exposing how rotten our government employees are, and how lecherous all these political hacks can be. (Why does the VP’s staff have anything to do with this at all, other than NSC formalities? Why does pence continue to employ advisors who don’t report issues to their superiors? Why are people who fail to report suspicions working in the White House? Why do they only speak on a partisan basis- for the side that happens to share their party registration?) From those I talk to, they either are not paying attention, or do not care. Most are tired of all the BS that has taken place over the last few years. Many realize Trump is screwed no matter what. The real loser here is DC and the Federal Government. The people are losing faith in key institutions. I actually hope that continues, because reforms cannot be made until the people are livid. Our government is rotten to the core.

2 thoughts on “Impeachment Hearings = Demoralizing Sham

  1. “They are retarded. [..] The people are losing faith in key institutions. I actually hope that continues, because reforms cannot be made until the people are livid. Our government is rotten to the core.”

    As intelligence continues to decline in humanity, the government, media, and voters will continue to get more ineffective and corrupt. You will certainly get your wish. The real question is what will happen to end this, and it’s going to take mass deaths, some group gaining primacy, or both. History tells us that any group that wins will be ethnocentric, but it could take a long time. Unfortunately, lots of human suffering is likely in store.


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