YAF’s Fires Malkin, Claiming She is a Racist (lol)

The Young America’s Foundation was once a pro-Reagan forum for traditional conservatives. While they have always been hawkish and absolutely neocon, YAF is now a pro-open borders institution, and seemingly an anti-American one as well.

Imagine my surprise when they came out and said Michelle Malkin, a Filipino woman, is a white supremacist. Yes, white men who lead YAF want you to believe an Asian female is a white supremacist! I didn’t think they would be this open about their mental retardation.

YAF’s History of Blacklists

YAF is a monolith. They do not support debate or the free exchange of ideas. They believe they have the authority to define “conservatism,” and they think they have the ability to change that definition. They also think that of all the DC “Conservative, Inc.” organizations, they alone have the sole right to activity on college campuses.

There are several institutions in DC they get along with for the sake of optics. YAF blacklists anyone who gets in their way, or runs afoul of their donors. This applies to speakers, staff, and activists. That is because while these foundations say they are non-profits, at their core they aim to increase the status and power of their benefactors, all while providing them nice tax deductions.

The second you no longer serve the interest of YAF, they will tarnish your name and reputation with their affiliates. James O’Keefe was smart – he parted ways with YAF early on, despite Andrew Breitbart’s wishes (oh did YAF loved how Breitbart put them back in the spotlight when their revenue was tanking during the economic downturn).

One blacklisted speaker is Gregg Jackson, until he teamed up with Steve Deace to expose frauds in the evangelical movement with their book, We Wont Get Fooled Again. They were never heard of again in DC circles.

I look forward to the time when more people speak out against YAF. Behind the scenes, the staff of YAF squabbles to the death with other institutions. As YAF continues to murder the conservative movement, I am sure a lot of YAF dirt will surface, and a lot of improprieties by their senior staff are going to come to life.

Why Fire Malkin?

So why did they fire Malkin? YAF fired her because she was disposable. She served a limited purpose – make YAF look good by having a minority on board. The hard truth is that these institutions, now known as “Conservative, Inc.” use racial/ethnic minorities as tokens for optics, to throw them away when they become disposable.

YAF fired Malkin for attacking Ben Shapiro’s ridiculous and hypocritical stance on immigration. Malkin started talking about the “conservative” compromise on immigration, which is destroying our nation. YAF should know – their primary real estate is in Santa Barbara, California. Their staff knows how awful California is, and how hostile the local community is to them.

YAF wants to make this about Ben’s skin color though, saying Malkin is anti-semitic and a white-supremacist. Anti-semitism is a term that also means anti-Arab, which Ben actually is. It is sad that one group of people has hijacked the definition of a word for their own purposes – how subversive of them.

An organization known for having token speakers and activist students throws an actual minority under the bus, to defend a white man who claims to not be white!

Ben Shapiro is deeply Racist (and white)

Ben Shapiro is white. Very white. While Ben will claim he is not white, but in fact Jewish, he is a very pale cracker (that happens to looks like a weasel with down syndrome). Yes, Ashkenazis are white. Just like others from northern Europe. Saying you aren’t doesn’t make it so. For instance, Ben, just because I say I am an albino squirrel of hollow-tree does not make me an albino squirrel from a hollow tree. Especially when I look like a white dude.

I think I am allowed to say this as well, having Ashkenazi blood in my veins. The difference between Ben and myself is that I wasn’t born into a life of wealth and privilege, my family stopped the inbreeding generations ago, and I don’t worship satan. I also don’t lie about who I am, or shill for shekels.

Ben has an identity crisis, and is trans-ethnic, claiming to be a minority out of power, when indeed his family’s money and influence guided his entire career. People should remember that Shapiro was handed his position (and that he is trans!).

What is hilarious about YAF is that their star, Ben Shapiro, is proud of his “racial” purity, and is even more proud of Israel, an ethno-religious state (that actively discriminates against non-Ashkenazi jews, meaning brown people like arabs, and religious minorities). Ben Shapiro is the modern day David Duke. Unlike David Duke, however, Ben graciously took on a roman catholic (Matt Walsh) as his disciple.

YAF’s Lies About Malkin

YAF wants to say that Malkin and her new friends deny the holocaust, because Malkin dared to argue with Ben and the white boys. Of course, YAF’s claims are garbage. Malkin’s co-belligerency with Nick Fuentes (just think about that incredibly anglo-last name for a second) poses a threat to the predominantly neo-con/jewish backing of institutions such as YAF. (YAF’s big speakers over the years include Prager, Shapiro, Horowitz, and Ben Stein – the long-time alleged pedophile Ben Stein). See YAF’s incredibly white board of directors here. Not a minority to be seen.

The thing is, no one denies the holocaust. It happened. It was horrific. People are just sick and tired of hearing about it every five seconds, especially from a group of people who haven’t given a shit about any other genocidal event over the last 100 years. They are also sick of people like Ben Shapiro being hypocritical about nationalism (ethno-nationalism is ok for white boys like Ben, but for no one else).

Numerous horrors took place during the war. The Poles were destroyed, and then betrayed. Whole groups of Eastern Europeans were wiped out. Nations, cultures, and peoples ceased to exist under the soviets. Even long before then, the turks committed genocide (Israel is only mentioning this topic now because its a political weapon against Turkey). Long after, genocide happened in Africa. Where was Israel in Africa? Oh, persecuting black jews and not letting them into their supposed own nation?

Yet one group wants to pretend they are the only victim in history. They use the tragedy of others for personal gain. Not only that, but the modern day holocaust-grifters dare to use a tragedy in order to carry out more suffering for others. That is not only sickening, but psychopathic, and indicative of a depraved mind and warped soul.

I acknowledge it is uncomfortable for many to discuss this in modern times, but people need to realize that being open and honest with tragedy is necessary. It is ok to criticize those who profit off of pain. It is ok to criticize Israel, when Israel insults the Polish people, who suffered just as much in the war. It is ok to criticize Israel when they bulldoze homes and shoot people in the back. It is ok to criticize Israel for meddling in the affairs of other nations.

Michelle, you have been around YAF long enough. They killed the movement along time ago. The least you can do for us is to expose YAF for what it is- an oppressive wall that chokes out principled values, so that the conservative movement can be reborn. Michelle, tear down that wall!

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