“There Is No Recession!”

Trump insists we have a strong economy, hence no need for tax cuts. Economists are saying otherwise though. (I contend we never exited the 2008 recession. We are just in a phase of temporary respite. I am no economist. I have just lived in a world where things were going great, and now they haven’t been for a decade).

In fact, trump is increasing government spending, by over $100,000,000,000 (billion) per year since taking office. Its estimated that this year will result in a $1 Trillion deficit.

Meanwhile, in Trump  country, metal workers are being laid off.

Sales in industries linked to recreation, such as RV’s, are also declining. Bankruptcies in the agricultural sector are on the rise. (Another article on ag bankruptcies).

Overall, hirings have slowed. Even states that are reporting increases in joblessness are manipulating numbers to create favorable results. There is no real growth in our economy – only a restructuring. People are relocating to other parts of the country, which creates temporary job bubbles in industries such as construction. In other words, there is no net job growth, only displacement. For those who work in white collar jobs, you know the middle class is hemorrhaging.


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