Defying Leftism- Why Rs Win

As we head into an uncertain movement, the only certainty is Covid and violent protests and racially motivated attacks (yes, antifa-blm is now attacking regular people). This is affecting the midwestern swing states, as well as even bastions of progressivism. Democrats completely failed to address this demographic at their convention. They haven’t done so in any meaningful way. They are terrified of them, and are too busy seething with anger at every single thing done by a thing connected to Trump. Their irrational hatred (Trump derangement syndrome) will be their downfall.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier last year that sheriff’s and prosecutors across the nation are defying their state Democrat parties over the second amendment and sanctuary cities.

Thirty of the thirty-three Sheriffs in New Mexico signed a pledge to not enforce proposed gun control measures. 60/102 counties in Illinois have passed local resolutions to the same effect. Over half the sheriffs in Washington declared their opposition to gun control measures. (Washington is a Red Flag State, someone tell Dan “traitor” Crenshaw to do some reading).

Sheriffs in Virginia protested as well. I doubt this will impact the presidential election, but it will sure polarize local races.

Add in normie anger at protesters, normie support of cops, in addition to fear, and you have a potential groundswell of support in unexpected places. Right now (near September 2020), it looks like Rs are behind in AZ. If discontent in New Mexico has been growing that much, it is entirely possible AZ goes red, and local gains for Rs are made in NM.

Two weeks ago I would have said Trump has no path to victory. The Disastrous Ninny Conference was, well, disappointing and bland. It felt like a monthly conference meeting between management and retirees at an old folks home. In theory. I’ve never experienced that type of hell, until the DNC.

I believe WI is in play now. I am hearing that there are unexpected increases in R registration in PA. FL is hard to gauge. Most of the boat parades and rallies are tourist or part time residents, and spend most of their time elsewhere.

Democrats will spend the next 2 months griping about Trump being literally Hitler, Dr. doom, Thanos, and the father a confused commie protester never had. It’s pure negative.

Trump is afforded the ability to show the negatives of the leftist cult, while providing a somewhat inspiring message of a good future.

Democrats cannot paint a good future. The intersectional grievance hustle does not permit that. There will always be a societal structure they need to destroy. Add to that the fact that the message for the last 2-3 years is that all whites are racist. No exceptions.

They are playing with fire harping on that line. If you accuse a person or group of being X, and they deny it, show you it’s not true, yet you continue to live in a false reality where you punish them for being X, at some point they will realize there is no incentive to not be X. It’s like the Marxist’s want to gaslight a race war.

Unfortunately, man opposing them are happy to oblige with false comparisons and bs counterpoints to every instance of injustice and crime that crosses racial boundaries.

I get the sense that that doesn’t matter. It’s obvious the leftists don’t want to actually work for any reforms. They don’t want a conversation. They are irrational, hateful, and violent..

A few on the right are becoming that way too. Most are just tired. They see there is no point in taking a high road, a reasonable road, or a pragmatic road. They will start jumping off that high ground into the trenches soon enough.

No one wants that, or at least no one wants to experience the consequences of that happening.

Public enthusiasm for Trump isn’t what it was in 16. People feel that if they publicly support him they will be attacked in some way

People will stand up against the bullies. They will want to get the conflict over with.

The true silent majority is not a politically cohesive unit. It is the collection of normal people who just want to live a happy life, go to work, do some hobbies on their off time, and be left alone.

That is why in times of chaos, authoritarianism always sweeps in to establish “law and order.” Sound familiar? Many times they are embraced by the people, or at least accepted. Viable counter insurgencies are relatively new, and are thanks to doctrines established under Westphalian peace theory. The west is too chicken to do what it takes to suppress insurrection.

Granted, the president isn’t an authoritarian, but I’m not sure we can say he is the opposite. His messaging though is to re establish peace, and to return to normalcy. (Whoever is running his messaging has drawn on at least three past presidential campaigns in our history).

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